Middle School cross country teams win


The Switzerland County Middle School boys and girls cross country teams earned victories last Thursday night over Madison.

Madison Shawe also had runners in the race, but did not record team scores.

In the boys race, the Pacers won with a score of 23; followed by Madison with 38.

Individually, Braden Burk was the overall champion with a time of 11:14.

The Pacers then came home with a tremendous team effort, led by Tanner Gray in fourth place (11:59); Alex Galbreath in fifth place (12:01); Talen Taylor in sixth place (12:04); Dakota Taylor in seventh place (12:21); Hunter Jordan in eighth place (12:34); and Ryan Sullivan in ninth place (12:38).

Other Pacer runners included: Chase Ritch in 11th place (12:42); Mikhail Cole in 12th place (12:42); Riley Phagan in 13th place (12:44); Douglas Ray in 14th place (12:45); Charlie Reynolds in 20th place (14:00); Micah Works in 21st place (14:19); Tyler Teel in 24th place (15:11); Michael Scott in 25th place (16:14); and Austin Clark in 27th place (17:09).


In the girls race, the Lady Pacers won by a score of 23; while Madison finished with 34.

Individually, Paige Freeman won the race in a time of 13:25; while Robin Furnish was right behind in second place in a time of 13:51. Taryn Parr was fourth overall in a time of 14:01; Adeli Kinne was seventh in a time of 14:27; Bri Meli was ninth in a time of 14:41; and Bre Ricketts was 10th in a time of 14:45.

Also: Jaclyn Hart in 11th place (14:47); Brooke Todd in 12th place (14:49); Kelsi Konkle in 13th place (14:50); Courtney Pedraza in 14th place (15:05); Emily Dreyer in 17th place (15:14); Korah Taylor in 20th place (16:54); and McKenna Edwards in 26th place (19:78).