Middle School cross country teams have busy week


The Switzerland County Middle School boys and girls cross country teams had a busy week.

On Saturday, September 13th, the teams participated in the Scottsburg Invitational.

Highland Heights won the event with a total of 18 points; followed by New Washington with 64; Switzerland County with 75; Scottsburg with 95; and Austin with 118. Southwestern did not have enough runners to record a team score.

Individually, Leah Anders finished third overall with a time of 13:04.48; followed by Maggie Clayton in 15th in a time of 14:08.37. Kiersten Oeffinger finished 16th in a time of 14:18.21; Alisha Detmer was 22nd in a time of 14:52.39; Aleiah Thomas was 23rd in a time of 15:04.26; McKenli Scudder was 24th in a time of 15:05.05; and Zoe Cole was 25th in a time of 15:12.16.

In the boys race, the Pacers finished second overall with a score of 54. Highland Heights won the meet with a score of 40; and Austin was third with 55. In fourth place was Southwestern with 88 points; followed by Scottsburg with 154; Christian Academy with 160; and New Washington did not have enough runners to record a team score.

Doug Pedraza finished third overall with a time of 11:27.73; and Leon Kinne was fourth in the race in a time of 11:29.49. Aaron Scudder was fifth with a time of 11:31.14; Caden Hankins was 23rd in a time of 12:45.45; and Garrett Demaree was 25th in a time of 13:02.23. Damian Breeck finished 26th with a time of 13:14.12; and Ben Hicks finished 30th in a time of 13:46.49.


On Thursday, September 18th, the Pacers participated in a four team meet.

In the girls race, the Lady Pacers won with a perfect score of 15. Milan was second with 50; while neither South Ripley or Christian Academy of Madison had enough runners to record a team score.

Maggie Clayton finished second overall with a time of 13:40; with Kiersten Oeffinger finishing third in a time of 14:00 and Leah Anders was fourth in a time of 14:16.

Aleiah Thomas finished sixth in 14:37; Alisha Detmer was seventh in 15:21; McKenli Scudder was eighth in 15:26; Josie Meyer was ninth in 15:35; and Zoe Cole was 10th in 16:00.

Jaedyn Thomas was 13th in a time of 16:58; Macy Collier was 15th in a time of 19:04; Kaylee Jones was 19th in 19:45; Madison Brabant was 21st in 21:25; Lydia Powers was 22nd in 23:18; Ajanai Ross was 23rd in 23:29; Hannah Hayes was 24th in 24:29; and Terriona Morris was 26th in 30:29.

The boys also won their meet with a score of 22; followed by Milan with 51 and South Ripley with 61. Christian Academy of Madison did not have enough runners to record a team score.

Aaron Scudder was the individual winner of the race, finishing in a time of 11:45; Doug Pedraza was second in a time of 11:58; and Leon Kinne was third in a time of 12:30.

Garrett Demaree was seventh in 13:29; Ben Hicks was ninth in 13:35; Evan Ramseyer was 17th in 14:50; Hunter Peterson was 21st in 15:51; and Zach Perkins was 26th in 18:37.


On Tuesday night the squads participated in the South Dearborn Invitational, and both squads fared very well.

In the boys race, the Pacers finished third with a score of 81. Batesville won with 40 points; and Greensburg was second with 69 points.

Sunman-Dearborn finished fourth with 97 points; Ryle was fifth with 104; Rushville was sixth with 182; South Dearborn was seventh with 183; and Milan was eighth with 192. There were 107 runners in the race.

Individually, Leon Kinne finished fourth in a time of 11:17.4; Aaron Scudder was fifth in a time of 11:20.7; and Doug Pedraza was seventh in a time of 11:25.5.

Garrett Demaree was 29th in 12:32.7; Ben Hicks was 36th in 13:08.1; Hunter Peterson was 51st in 14:32.7; and Evan Ramseyer was 55th in 15:06.7.

In the reserve race; Zack Perkins was 50th overall in a time of 17:44.0.

The girls race saw the Lady Pacers finish sixth with a score of 117. Greensburg won the event with 35; South Dearborn was second with 88; Sunman-Dearborn was third with 90; Rushville was fourth with 94; and Batesville was fifth with 94. Ryle was seventh with 157 points; and Milan was eighth with 259.

There were 121 runners in the race.

Individually: Leah Anders was 11th in a time of 12:59.5; Maggie Clayton was 12th in 13:09.0; Keirsten Oeffinger was 17th in 13:18.9; Alisha Detmer was 34th in 14:06.4; Aleiah Thomas was 43rd in 14:20.7; McKenli Scudder was 46th in 14:36.7; and Zoe Cole was 47th in a time of 14:48.1.

In the reserve race, Jaedyn Thomas was 33rd in a time of 15:33.8; Josie Meyer was 41st in a time of 16:09.8; Madison Brabant was 59th in a time of 18:54.9; Kaylee Jones was 61st in a time of 19:14.1; Lydia Powers was 62nd in a time of 23:12.5; Ajanai Ross was 63rd in a time of 23:23.9; Hannah Hayes was 64th in a time of 24:01.4; and Terriona Morris was 65th in a time of 27:10.5;