Middle school cross country teams are off and running this season


The Switzerland County Middle School boys and girls cross country teams participated in two meets during the past week.

On September 6th, the Pacers competed in the Milan Invitational, with the boys team winning the event with a team score of 39.

Jac-Cen-Del was right behind with a score of 40; followed by Rising Sun with 55; South Ripley with 91; Shawe with 131; Southwestern with 150; and Milan did not have enough runners to field a team.

Runners for the Pacers included: Josh Hon, third; Tray Meyer, fourth; Corey McFarland, fifth; Quinn Meyer, 11th; Anthony Dennis, 16th; Tanner Ross, 20th; Nathan Smith, 21st; Blake Whitham, 34th; Jordan Bledsoe, 40th; Steven Craig, 50th; Keegan Kincaid, 51st; Dakota Sutton, 60th; and Cody Gullion, 64th.

In the girls race, the Lady Pacers finished fourth. Jac-Cen-Del won the meet with a score of 36; followed by South Ripley with 50; Rising Sun with 85; Switzerland County with 87; Southwestern with 110; and neither Milan or Shawe had a full team.

Runners for the girls included: Chelsea Peters, fourth; Andrea Brogan, 13th; Moriah McFarland, 25th; Kelly Kincaid, 33rd; Hayley South, 34th; Bre Hinman, 35th; Kali Carfield, 44th; Alexis Carfield, 54th; and Kaitlin Farhurse, 55th.


Last Thursday night the Pacers hosted a home three-way meet with Jac-Cen-Del and Madison.

In the boys race, the Pacers won with a score of 26; followed by Jac-Cen-Del with 38 and Madison with 66.

Finishing for the Pacers were: Josh Hon, second; Tray Meyer, third; Corey McFarland, fourth; Tanner Ross, seventh; Quinn Meyer, 10th; Anthony Dennis, 12th; Nathan Smith, 13th; Chad Gardner, 16th; Blake Whitham, 17th; Justin Truitt, 20th, Cody Hoffman, 22nd; Jordan Bledsoe, 23rd; Luke May, 24th; Steven Craig, 25th; Keegan Kincaid, 27th; Zach O’Neal, 28th; Dakota Sutton, 32nd; Cody Gullion, 33rd; Damon Robbins, 35th; Tanner Gray, 36th; Tyler Rook, 37th; and Logan Todd, 39th.

In the girls race, Madison was the winner with a score of 20; followed by Jac-Cen-Del with 49 and Switzerland County with 68.

For the Lady Pacers: Chelsea Peters was fifth; Andrea Brogan was 14th; Moriah McFarland was 15th; Kelly Kincaid was 16th; Hayley South was 18th; Bre Hinman was 21st; Alli Mathews was 23rd; Jessie Ray was 28th; Kali Carfield was 29th; and Alexis Carfield was 35th.