Middle School cross country team runs strong


The Switzerland County Middle School boys and girls cross country teams began their season on Wednesday, August 24th at the Jac-Cen-Del Invitational.

The girls finished strong, coming in third out of nine teams. Individual times for the top seven Lady Pacer finishers were: Alisha Detmer, 13:56; Keirstan Oeffinger, 14:19; Carlee Boggs, 15:20; Hallie Archer, 15:20; Dakota Richards, 15:32; Gracie White, 16:21; and Courtney Higgins, 16:24.

Also competing for Switzerland County were: Bri Stow, 15:55; Serenity Ballard, 16:19; Macy Collier, 17:51; Aliya Young, 20:47; Shannon Harris, 21:45; Aden Hood ,21:57; and Jade Young, 22:09.

In the boys race, Switzerland County finished fifth overall, led by Ben Hicks with a time of 11:41. Other top seven times included: Aaron Scudder, 11:53; Peyton Richards, 12:27; Luke Sullivan, 16:53; Matthew Young, 17:25; Paxton Dickerson, 17:44; and Ryan Hughes, 18:10.

Other Pacer runners competing included: Craig Demaree, 13:11; and Michael Young, 20:24.


On Monday August 29th, Switzerland County ran the first of only two homes meets this season.

Both teams were victorious over the Shawe Hilltoppers.

In the girl’s race, the team was led by Alisha Detmer in a time of 12:50; while other times included: Gracie White, 13:49; Keirstan Oeffinger, 13:49; Carlee Boggs, 14:06; Hallie Archer, 14:10; Courtney Higgins, 14:24; Dakota Richards, 14:32; Bri Stow, 14:35; Serenity Ballard, 15:11; Macy Collier, 17:05; Jade Young, 19:07; Aden Hood, 19:18; Aliya Young, 19:26 and Shannon Harri,s 19:27.

The boys were led by Ben Hicks in a time of 11:58; while other Pacer times included: Craig Demaree, 11:59; Peyton Richards, 12:59; Luke Sullivan, 14:59; Jamison Works, 15:04; Cale Collier, 15:44; Matthew Young, 15:52; Ryan Hughes, 16:35; Paxton Dickerson, 17:39; Michael Young, 18:45; and Jaden Perry, 18:50.