Middle school cross country nabs big wins; Corey McFarland first at South Dearborn


The boys and girls cross country teams from Switzerland County Middle School each picked up victories during meets last Thursday, September 15th.

In the girls race, the Lady Pacers won with a team score of 36; followed by Southwestern with 52; South Ripley with 56; and Milan did not have enough runners to record a team score.

Individually, Chelsea Peters finished second overall; Allie Mathews was fifth; Kelly Kincaid was sixth; Moriah McFarland was 11th; Andrea Brogan was 12th; Hayley South was 13th; Bre Hinman was 18th; Alexis Carfield was 21st; Kali Carfield was 29th; and Caitlin Fairhurse was 34th.

For the boys, the Pacers won the meet with a team score of 26; followed by South Ripley with 47; Southwestern with 80; and Milan did not have enough runners to record a team score.

Josh Hon finished second overall; and was followed by Corey McFarland in third; Tray Meyer in fifth; Anthony Dennis in seventh; Chad Gardner in ninth; and Tanner Ross in 10th.

Other runners included: Quinn Meyer in 12th; Nathan Smith in 14th; Cody Hoffman in 17th; Jordan Bledsoe in 22nd; Justin Truitt in 23rd; Steven Craig in 26th; Zach O’Neal in 27th; Luke May in 28th; Keegan Kincaid in 30th; Blake Whitham in 31st; Tanner Gray in 36th; Cody Gullion in 39th; Damon Robbins in 41st; Tyler Rook in 42nd; and Logan Todd in 43rd.


Last Tuesday night both teams participated in the Graceland Invitational, and both teams finished fifth overall.

The girls race featured 18 teams and 169 runners. Individually, Chelsea Peters finished 18th; Andrea Brogan finished 28th; Allie Mathews finished 34th; Moriah McFarland finished 42nd; Kelly Kincaid finished 47th; Hayley South finished 81st; and Bre Hinman finished 85th.

The boys race had 31 teams that participated, with 230 runners. Individually for Switzerland County: Josh Hon was sixth; Corey McFarland was 15th; Tray Meyer was 17th; Anthony Dennis was 52nd; Nathan Smith was 62nd; Tanner Ross was 64th; and Quinn Meyer was 81st.


This past Monday the middle school teams traveled to South Dearborn for a dual meet.

The girls team fell by a score of 24-31. Individuals for Switzerland County included: Chelsea Peters, third; Andrea Brogan, fourth; Allie Mathews, fifth; Kelly Kincaid, ninth; Moriah McFarland, 11th; Bre Hinman, 11th; Kali Carfield, 16th; Alexis Carfield, 17th; and Caitlin Fairhurse, 18th.

The boys team won by a score of 19-40.

Individual finishers for the Pacers included: Corey McFarland, first; Josh Hon, second; Tray Meyer, third; Tanner Ross, sixth; Anthony Dennis, seventh; Nathan Smith, ninth; Quinn Meyer, 10th; Justin Truitt, 13th; Cody Hoffman, 15th; Luke May, 16th; Blake Whitham, 17th; Zach O’Neal, 18th; Jordan Bledsoe, 19th; Keegan Kincaid, 20th; Chad Gardner, 21st; Steven Craig, 22nd; Dakota Sutton, 23rd; Cody Gullion, 24th; Tanner Gray, 25th; and Logan Todd, 26th.