Mayor: Should I support road funding bill?


Rising Sun Mayor Brent Bascom is seeking public input into legislation being considered by the state of Indiana.

On his Facebook page, Bascom said:

Our State Legislature is addressing road and bridge issues again. House Bill 1002 is on their docket that would provide necessary funding for these infrastructure projects. I am sure there is a need for this investment in communities throughout Indiana. There is a caveat: it was with raising our gas tax $.10 per gallon. I can tell you after my meeting with local mayors that we all agree that need is there but supporting the tax increase provision is lukewarm at best. This bill is strongly supported by State Representative Randy Frye and has received solid support from House Republicans.

So my question is this: as your local city executive, would you like me to support HB 1002 to get necessary road funding? Or would you like me to oppose and tell Rep Frye to please consider alternative funding solutions?

See letter from Rep. Frye in today’s edition.