Matthew Levell, Council At Large


Matthew Levell is a Democrat candidate for Switzerland County Council At Large. He resides on Shiloh Road in Fairview; and he and his wife, Brooke, are the parents of three children: Madalyn, age 11; Grayson, age 6; and Hudson, age 3. He graduated from Switzerland County High School in 1999; earned his bachelor of arts degree in psychology with a concentration in clinical rehabilitation from IUPUI; and earned his elementary education license from IU Southeast. He also earned a master’s degree in educational technology with a certification in technology school coordination from Boise State University.

Levell currently works as an eCoach/Instructional Resource Teacher for the Switzerland County School Corporation.


Why are you running for office?

I am running for county council because I see the need for people on the Council who have a clear understanding of how interconnected our community is. My experiences with working in our community in many different roles have given me that insight. I understand how cutting a budget area can affect several other aspects in the community that may not be seem connected.

What are your qualifications?

As far as my qualifications I have experience with working developing budgets, working within budgets, and monitoring spending within the confines of budget restriction through my volunteer and work experiences including my church finance committee, Church Council, Deacon at Switzerland Baptist Church, Sitting Board member at Switzerland County YMCA, and Past Vice-President and President of the Switzerland Youth Soccer. In my role as Technology Committee Chairman for Switzerland County School Corporation I always need to keep in mind budget. With my education I have taken courses on developing and monitoring budgets and grant-writing.

What would be your priorities?

One of my priorities is to look at the salaries of our Law Enforcement Officers. We need competitive salaries to show our current officers that we appreciate them and want to compensate them for keeping our community safe as well. Another priority is looking at how County Council funds the School Endowment Fund to help keep textbooks free for students or if that is not financially possible to develop a transition plan so that families have adequate time to begin budgeting for textbook rental fees.

What makes you the better candidate?

I feel my education and experience within our community in varied roles gives me a unique insight into how interconnected our community is and with my experience with working with budgets already allows me make sound logical decisions for the best interest for all members of our community.