Maryland News 5-5-26


Hey friends, wasn’t April just full of ‘stuff’? I hardly had time to catch my breath. Spring has sprung and I am anxious to get out and play in the dirt. The only thing Cyndi and I have managed to get out so far are green onions and lettuce, in a raised bed; the regular garden area is too wet to plant anything but rice, and I live on a hill. Oh well, later gardens have their ‘perks’ too.

Finally, Grandpa Walnut and his little brother, Ephraim (also a black walnut) have put on their ‘summer clothes’ (leaves); I was beginning to believe they had decided to hibernate the summer away. According to my grandfather (biologic), that means there will be no more frosts, and for the last 40 years, the trees (and Grandfather James), have been correct. Time to work the flowerbeds, yeah!

Received a lovely card from my ‘birthday buddy’, Juanita Brown, but she has not had a very good winter. Juanita slipped and fell on an icy patch in January and broke her hip and arm; she just got home from the accident in April but says she is doing pretty good now and walking fine but was off so long she lost her job at the store. Juanita said she is 84 this year and kind of wonders if she will have any luck finding another job.

Reminder to one and all: count your blessings every day; we have no guarantee of tomorrow. An old saying tells us to “Live every day like it’s our last, because one day we’re gonna be right!” Take time to appreciate the beauty in every day, and thank God for it, no matter what your circumstances, there is some beauty in every day, unless you are in hell of course – but if you are, I doubt you will be reading this anyway.

May 7th (first Saturday in May), Markland Baptist will be hosting its monthly free ‘pancake breakfast’ at 9 a.m., so mark your calendars and plan on coming on out and joining us. The ‘guys’ cook up some really tasty flapjacks and sausage with plenty of good fellowship. Hope to see you there; everyone is invited and it is all free.

During April, I was privileged to be invited by Ana and Bob Slover, to attend a  ’Seder Supper Service’ with them at St Luke’s Lutheran Church,. It was truly lovely. Seder is a more recognized as a part of the Jewish religion than the Protestant; Seder is a celebration, or rite,  commemorating God’s freeing the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. God told them to remember what He had done with the Seder celebration.

Reverend Thiede tied it together beautifully (then and now), Jews freed from bondage (slavery) to death by Egypt and Christians freed from the bondage (slavery) to death by sin, freedom provided to all Christians by Christ’s death and resurrection. The Hebrews of the Old Testament and Christians of the New Testament should remember, and celebrate, what God has done for us through His merciful grace. Remember what God has done for you and also, remember to thank Him.

I met so many lovely people there (of course I can’t remember their names); one lovely couple mentioned to me how they enjoyed the column, Maxine and Henry Bushman (please forgive me if I got your name wrong.)

Ginny Leap used to keep me on the ball and correct all of my mis-spellings; the paper, and I, lost a wonderful resource when Ginny retired. Hope you are really enjoying your retirement Ginny!

April 24th, Bob and Ana celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary; I said celebrated but that was a bit of an over-statement. I don’t they really did anything special but I personally think that was something to really celebrate, so congratulations Bob and Ana, even if it is a little belated.

Ran into Kathy Tucker at the IGA a couple of weeks ago and she told me that she and her neighbor, Karen Nickell, were planning to attend the play at the theater on Saturday evening. They were going to go to dinner first at Roxano’s, then go to the play. I met up with her the following week (again at the grocery store), and asked if they went to the play. She said they did and had a wonderful time; it was so funny and they enjoyed themselves immensely, and their dinner was good too! Can’t ask for much more, right?

Got started back to the ‘Y’ in the pool two or three times a week and I am already beginning to feel better. It is hard to move from ‘couch potato’ mode to ‘garden chore’ mode for us older kids – evidently for a lot of other folk also. There are a great bunch of folks at the ‘Y’ and they are ready to help you out any way they can. The pool opens at 7 a.m. and there are already lots of people working out upstairs on the exercise equipment and walking track. I have to use the pool because I can’t walk very well (even though it is one of the very best exercises) due to neuropathy in my feet but the pool exercises should keep me out of a wheelchair, God willing.

Ana Slover, Debbie Graybill, and I have been meeting at Debbie Turner’s home to play cards once a week; we have been playing ‘2500’ (an exciting and sometimes very frustrating type of gin game.) Sometimes Alex joins us and we play Euchre. Debbie T. loves to entertain and prepares lovely lunches. She likes to watch cooking shows and then try out the recipes on us; and let me tell you kids, we really appreciate her efforts, even if we can’t pronounce what is in them sometimes we don’t have any problem eating them up, haha, we’re no dummies.

We haven’t played Bridge for what seems like forever; the Greens, Carolyn and Rita, are so busy with family and community commitments, they haven’t had time for Bridge; perhaps in the future weeks, things will slow down for them and we can get back together again.

Patty Miller is still recovering from her heart surgery and I noticed a big change (for the better) this past week; praise the Lord! We still manage to play Rummykub once or twice a week but have been keeping it down to two hours (from our usual six) due to tiredness…not only Patty, but me too as I have been early to the ‘Y’ first. Usually Florence Peters drops in to yak a bit and Sarah Keith stops by to do the same. They have a very caring community in this apartment complex.

We chucked over the story of the Sunday school teacher that asked her pupil if he remembered his Bible verse? He replied, “I sure do Miss Jones, I even remember the zip code…John 3:16!”

In a kindergarten Sunday school class, little Butch was particularly interested in how Eve was created out of Adam’s rib.

Later in the week, the five-year-old’s mother found him lying down as though he were ill. She asked him, “Butch, what’s the matter?”

Butch replied, “I have a pain in my side. I think I’m going to have a wife.”

Laughter is the best medicine or at least it makes the medicine go down easier.

Happy Birthday wishes go out this month to: Pastor Bobby Brundige (1st), Lucinda Mangold (3rd), Jan Rayles (8th), Brittany Bragg (12th), Joshua Carr (15th), Frank Miller (17th), and Jessica Ledbetter (19th). Wishing everyone named (and those we haven’t) a day filled with love and laughter and a year to follow filled with God’s sweet blessings; Happy Birthday!

Until we met again, may God bless you and keep you safe from harm; may He grant you heart-peace. Amen.