Maryland News 9-1-16


Hey friends, August is over, September has arrived, and school is in session. Can winter be far behind? In the meantime, we are suffering through the three ‘H’s: horrible, hot, & humid, my favorite kind of weather – not!

This kind of weather is normal for the Wine Festival though, in all the years I have lived here I have never seen it fail, and usually with at least one day of rain, and so, the ‘normal’ weather record continues.

Even with all that, it never seems to ‘dampen’ the spirit and fun of the Festival. Weren’t the Clydesdales wonderful? The big gentle giants of the equine world! Congratulations to all the organizers and workers that put the Festival together; you did a fantastic job!

Speaking of fantastic jobs, I would like to express a big ‘thank you’ from me, and my neighbors on the Pike, to the ‘county’ gentleman who mowed along side the road; I do not know your name, but thank you. You are my hero.

You did an outstanding job and we appreciate your efforts. Cutting down the tall weeds increased the safety of everyone who exits their driveways onto the Pike (there is a lot of traffic these days) and for all the children who stand at the end of those driveways waiting for the school bus. You made it possible for all drivers to easily see the kids, and an odd pet or two that might accompany them to the bus stop.

Added to the increased safety aspect, you enhanced the orderly beauty of each of the properties you worked in front of (the Tourism Board should thank you) and provided a bit of inspiration to each homeowner to extend ourselves a little more to make our places better looking, a bit of pride maybe.

You also provided an example of someone who went beyond just putting in his time to collect a paycheck. Thank you!

There are many ‘unsung heroes’ in our community, folks that we tend to take for granted (until they do not do their jobs of course, then we really let them know), people who clean, pickup, deliver, record, etc.  - in other words, all those folks that do jobs that contribute to making our lives better that we do not usually notice.

People who serve us at the Library, YMCA, folks keeping our history records and making it available for us to appreciate and learn from, folks at the courthouse and businesses that help us live – you get the idea, we are blessed and we need to say thank you a little more.

So to all the ‘unsung heroes’ in our community, Thank You!

We recently lost one of our heroes when Miss Kitty (Peggy Eckerty) went home to the Lord; maybe God needed another beautiful voice in His heavenly choir. We mourn our loss and we will continue to miss her, but rejoice that she is home with Jesus, in peace and pain free. Please remember Peggy’s family and her many friends in your conversations with the Lord this week.

There were other families in our community who have lost loved ones and we need to remember them also in our prayers.

A lot of folks were missing from church Sunday, some were on vacation and some were working, and some have just lost their way. We wanted to remember in prayer all these and: Garrett Kent and Baker Harcrow (military), little Roland Brundige (and his parents) sick, Mary and Jessi Martin (and our other travelers), Frank and Donna Miller, Patty Miller and her ‘step-grandson’ who was in a terrible accident, all those poor folks suffering from weather catastrophes in our country (seems like one side of the country is burning up, the other side is flooding, and the middle is being flattened by tornadoes and storms) and those people in Italy in the earthquake, friends and family who are lost or straying (spiritually), Joy Hazeldean, Carolyn Green, and several others. We also had many praises and expressions of gratitude for blessings from the Lord.

Mary and Jessi Martin have gone on a little mini-vacation to Gatlinburg; Jessi’s brother Jake is keeping the boys and keeping the ‘home fires burning’ so to speak.

Ana Slover, Carolyn Green, and I gathered at Debbie Turner’s house last Thursday to play Bridge and just get together and have fun – and eat of course! Debbie Graybill joined us for a while; she had a previous appointment and didn’t get to stay the whole afternoon.

Carolyn said she had a scratchy throat and hoped she wasn’t coming down with something. We all thought it was probably sinus problems with all the lousy weather; however when she called me Friday, she was really sick. She sounded terrible, had called the doctor, and just wanted to make sure I was ok. She was so concerned she might have ‘shared’ something with us she was sure we didn’t want.

No problems with us, Carolyn, we are all about in the same condition we were before Thursday’s game (not that there isn’t room for improvement in those conditions, haha.)

Melissa and Marty Park (and Melissa’s mom, Rosalie) went to Indianapolis to visit with daughter Abigail and her family and had a wonderful time. After they returned home, Rosalie fell and hurt her chin; she has a big blue bruise there. Howard was teasing her about ‘learning to duck’ when she got into a fight Sunday morning at church. Rosalie thought that was really funny.

Saturday evening, Joy Hazeldean fell at her place; she said her knee just seemed to give out on her and down she went. Joy told us at church Sunday she didn’t really get hurt too much in the fall but she was using her cane Sunday morning.

Remember: us ‘older kids’ just don’t recover from things like we used to and when we fall, parts of us just stay stiff and sore a lot longer than they used to.

Donna Miller stopped in to visit with Sam/Cyndi/and I, last Sunday; she had been over to the Romans family reunion at her dad’s (Harold Romans) place (behind Brooksburg) where everyone chose to gather.

Cyndi has been canning beans and tomatoes; I sat and broke beans and watched three games of football Sunday afternoon and night – I lead such a hard life, ha! She had already put up salsa and pickles; I think corn is next. Cyndi’s mom, Fern Barrett, is planning to come down from Hamilton over the holiday and stay a few days with Sam and Cyndi.

You all know I have been going to the ‘Y’ pool a couple of times a week to try to condition various ‘body parts’ so they will keep functioning and keep me from ending up in a nursing home (or maybe the funeral home, not that I don’t like the Nay boys but I would prefer it be a social visit rather than a business one.)

It is helping me and I found out they have another class taught by a very sweet, gentle speaking little lady, named Amy, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – until she gets in front of the class, then she would make a Marine Corp drill instructor hunt a hole!

Just kidding, actually Amy bends over backwards to make sure each of the participants gets the maximum benefit from the exercises she is teaching. I do most of my exercises sitting on a chair (in the pool I can do almost anything but on land I am more like a flopping fish out of water – and Amy takes this into consideration for me and for any of the others that have special problems.)

The class is intended to increase balance and coordination, strengthen and make more flexible muscles/joints/tendons/etc. (you know, so we don’t fall so much and get hurt so much), in short to keep folks functioning and out of the nursing home. This class is three days a weeks (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) at 9:15 a.m. and is really good.

I want you all to understand that being in a nursing home is a great deal better than an ancient Inuit custom of putting an aging, no longer useful member, out on the ice and leaving them there to freeze…but given my druthers, I would prefer to stay out of either situation and if putting in some time (and a little effort) at the ‘Y’ allows me to stay home, hooray!

We will celebrate a couple of birthdays this month: Melissa Park has a birthday on the 3rd and Mike Martin has one on the 9th. Happy Birthday to each of you and another day of great celebration will be on September 4th: Michael and Jessi Martin will be baptized, praise the Lord!

Until next time my prayer for each of you is that the Lord will bless you and keep you safe from harm, may He lift up His countenance and give you peace. Amen.