Maryland News 8-4-16


Hey Friends, as my grandson would say, “Whatsup?” Here we are with another month behind us and boy, am I ever glad; I wasn’t sure I was going to survive July.

Beginning of the month, I was crawling around a long flowerbed weeding and got covered in something like poison ivy. Right after I got that pretty well cleared up, I fell through the deck, via a rotten board, and at the end of the month, a darn tick bit me.

In between all of this, half the congregation went on vacation and the weather was hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk (not to mention the high humidity – my favorite kind of weather – not! Wonder what the summers are like in Alaska?)

Then: the Children’s Event at church had to be canceled, nothing to do with vacations, the organizers all got sick or had to work and the event had to be postponed to this coming Saturday, August 6th.

This Saturday (August 6th) at 9 a.m., Markland Baptist will hold our monthly free pancake breakfast (the guys do a great job cooking); everyone is invited so come on out and join us for a free breakfast and some good fellowship.

The Children’s Event will take place at the church this Saturday (August 6th) afternoon from 2-5 p.m. with food, games, and a Bible story/lesson about Jonah and the whale; all kids from ‘potty trained’ to sixth grade are welcome (wear old clothes and plan to get wet.)

On Sunday (August 7th) following the morning Worship service, MBC will host our bi-monthly fellowship dinner (this time it is ‘potluck chaos’ – bring anything you feel like and we will eat it, should be interesting). Immediately after the dinner, MBC will hold our bi-monthly business meeting. This is going to be a busy weekend.

The reason I suffered from toxic weed poisoning is Paul Bruce’s fault and maybe Karen and Norman Miller’s too. Coming into town (heading west), you pass Paul’s home, beautiful flowerbeds and not a weed to be seen anywhere in his yard; then a little further, you pass Karen and Norman’s place, same deal.

All these folks are near my age and Paul has a lot of medical problems and still his yard (and the Millers) look like something out of “Better Homes and Gardens”. All these homes along this stretch of 156 coming into town are a wonderful introduction to Vevay and our compliments, and thanks, go to the owners. It is such a pleasure driving through this stretch of road, I always slow down to enjoy the view; thanks to all these folks.

Doggone it; they made me ashamed of my very weedy flowerbeds, hence the crawling around the flowerbeds. I am allergic to just about everything ‘outside’ and always scrub off with bleach when I come in from the yard or garden – but this time I was so tired. Cyndi had to help me into the house, and I just flopped in my chair and took a nap. When I woke up, it looked like I had chicken pox; my legs were covered in itchy red splotches. You have to admit, the flowerbeds look really sharp though!

Ok, in a couple of weeks I got that problem cleared up and all the kids went on vacation. Mary, Jesi, and the boys (Elijah, Weston, and Landon) drove to South Dakota to visit with husbands/dads (guys there on a lengthy construction job), 1,200 miles with three young boys in the vehicle (I really didn’t envy them.) They had a wonderful time and came home safe with lots of pictures and stories.

They left on Friday and on Saturday, Sam and Cyndi left for their vacation; they went to Tennessee and the Carolinas. They also returned with pictures and stories and had a wonderful time.

Naturally with everyone leaving on vacation, someone had to stay home feeding/medicating the pets and checking on the places – guess who? Mary left me her car so I could get to their homes and Wilma rode with me a couple of times. We enjoyed the rides and visits; we live in a beautiful county and I hope you have taken the time to really look and appreciate it.

All right then, all the kids are gone and the neighbors were all away working, I fell through the deck; I thought I screamed loud enough to be heard in Vevay but nobody heard me (one of the ‘perks’ of living alone in the country).

I finally managed to get out of the hole and check for damages, no broken bones, just scrapes, cuts, and bruises; for the lack of serious injury, I credit God’s merciful grace and the muscle/ligament/tendon conditioning exercising at the ‘Y’ pool provided; even I was surprised I didn’t break my hip or at the very least, a leg bone. Thank you Lord and thanks to all those people that made having a ‘YMCA’ in our community possible.

Things seemed to be pretty much settling down even though I had to turn the air-conditioner on (I hate doing that, makes me feel like I am in prison or something.) Of course I was wrong – got a tick bite and didn’t notice it until it was well buried in. Darn, will July never end? I pulled the tick out but only the body came free so I had to go digging after the head.

Finally got it all out; the area was swelled, itchy, and inflamed; considering all the diseases ticks can carry, I decided to give it three days to see if my own immune system could kill it off or if I had to go to a doctor. Worked on it myself (actually with Cyndi’s help, it was in an awkward place to reach) and after three days it was clearing up.

Just in case I saved the tick; it was a brown dog tick not a black deer tick. It is difficult for me to see a tick on my body (and I do check after coming in from the yard) because I have hundreds of moles, they all look like ticks so unless I feel it moving, I can easily miss one.

July for me was, to say the least, very colorful (mostly red, black, and blue) and I was looking forward to putting it behind me when I thought of something my ‘gram’ used to tell me, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”

There I was feeling all depressed and sorry for my self and I imagined having a conversation with God, kind of blaming him for my sorry condition.

I imagined He would say, I healed you up from toxic weeds, I saved you from broken bones, I provided you with shelter, food, and respite from the heat, I healed you up from the tick’s poison, so what the heck more do you want from Me! Again, I was ashamed of myself and so grateful for God’s unending patience and mercy.

So how did July go for you?

Melissa and Marty Park spent a week down on a beautiful lake in Tennessee camping and just having a wonderful time. They were back for a few days then left again for a shorter weekend camping trip before Rosalie (Melissa’s mom) comes home from visiting her other daughter Donna in Maine.

The rest of the ‘congregants’ have safely returned and things seem to be getting back to normal.

Roland and Emma Brundige (Pastor Bobby’s children) came down with a fever and naturally passed it on to their parents, Mel and Bob. Kids are like that, always sharing; I am sure you know what I am talking about. The kids are better now; it takes a little longer for the parents to get better.

We got word at church that Joan (Mrs. Robin) Hochstrasser is having some serious medical problems; please remember her and Robin in your conversations with the Lord this week. If friends would like to send a card, their address is: 717 Three Mile Ridge, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, 47025. Joan and Robin lived in our community several years, making lots of friends, and were avid and active participants at the ‘Y’.

Speaking of sending a card, Peggy Eckerty is doing very poorly and her address is: 325 Demaree Drive, Madison, Indiana, 47250. Please remember Peggy and her family in your prayers this week.

We have several on the birthday list for August: Debbie Bruce (4th), Paulette Barnes (4th), Marci Leap (12th), Dana Carter (24th), Daniel Mangold (27th), and Charlotte Kroening on the 28th; best of good wishes for each of you on your special day and prayers for God’s abundant blessings for the coming year; Happy Birthday!

The girls finally got together for a Bridge game, the first this year. We (Ana Slover, Carolyn Green, Deb Turner, Debbie Graybill, and me) met at Deb Turner’s house and had marvelous time with lots of good food and laughter. Deb prepares a fantastic ‘high tea’ and we all really appreciate her efforts. Carolyn had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment so Debbie G. took her place and we played a game called ‘2500’, darn near a frustrating as Bridge; Debbie is just learning to play Bridge.

Patty Miller went to Tennessee to visit family; niece Amy picked her up and off they went. Haven’t talked to her since she got back but even if being really tired, I know she had a good time.

Ran into Pauline Scudder at the IGA and we got to talking naturally; I love talking to Pauline and we always end up laughing. She told me that this weather keeps her in the house pretty much because she can’t seem to breathe outside when it is this hot and humid.

Until next time, I thank God for all His many blessings, especially mercy and forgiveness and pray He will cause His face to shine on us, keeping us under the protection of His enduring love and give us peace; amen.