Maryland News 7-14-16


Hey Gang, apologies, well actually more of an explanation; my Internet went down, hence no column in June. Naturally I thought, with my brilliant technological expertise (heh,heh), I had punched a wrong button somehow and needed grandson Josh to come and fix it.

Guess what? He couldn’t fix it either. Whoa! The ‘computer nerd’ was stumped. He called the phone company and they scheduled a technician to come out, which he did and he couldn’t find the problem either. Vindication, it wasn’t me – this time!

The technician did find the problem; it was a blown fuse (I think that is what he said) in the East Enterprise station. I don’t understand why it would only affect my computer (or even that it did) but I was pretty happy: their problem, they pay for it. Whee, my computer works and I didn’t have a bill to pay.

Since I am already late, let me hurry and get the July birthday list in: Melanie Brundige (5th), Wilma Turner (7th), Kym Martin (10th), Jesi Martin (22nd), Elijah Martin (23rd), Reva Bragg (23rd), Donna Miller (24th), and Bethany Bragg on the 31st. In some cases belated, and in all cases, warmest good wishes for a wonderful day on your special date with many wonderful blessings in the coming year, Happy Birthday!

More congratulations are in order: Ms. Katy Holland and Mr. Anthony Turner (Wilma’s son) were united in Holy matrimony on July 6th at their home on Tapps Ridge in a lovely, ‘country themed’ outside wedding. The rain cooperated nicely. Stacy Turner did an outstanding job on the wedding cake (I never saw a ‘cake stand’ like that before, it looked like a polished tree trunk – it was beautiful. Granddaughter Jessica showed me pictures of it and gave me a detailed commentary of the occasion.)

Katy wore a floor-length gown, with a lovely long train (Katy’s daughter and niece were the flower attendants and her twin sister was the Maid of Honor.) Until the wedding was over, no one knew that Katy was wearing camouflage trail boots on her feet; the gown completely hid them. Good one Katy; practical choice for an outside country wedding too.

The groom, and best man, Billy Stearns, wore sort of a ‘dress’ camouflage. A good time was had by all the attendees (too many to name); again, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Turner.

At church Sunday morning, Pastor Bobby gave us a challenge (he called it ‘homework’); we were to ask at least one person three questions:

l. What would you change about church to make you want to attend services regularly?

2. Do you have any concerns you’d like our church to pray about for you?

3. Which of the following (in your opinion) are the most important  functions of a church? (No more than three please.)

a. Children’s ministry.

b. Style of music.

c. Community involvement.

d. Good preaching.

e. Building friendships.

f. Resources for families.

If you would like to comment/answer, drop me a line at: Pat Miller, 10128 Markland Pike, Vevay, Indiana, 47043 (yeah, I am into old-fashioned ‘snail mail’ – now just what would you expect from an old woman!) Personally I think all those functions are important and I would add, good teaching. What do you think?

Have been going to the “Y” a couple of times a week; I am usually there between 7 and 7:30 a.m. (ha, you didn’t think I could get up that early did you?) There is quite a lively bunch at that hour in the pool (there is a lot more upstairs, but I don’t go up there.) There is what I think of as the ‘social group’ (Faye, Sue, and Billy) Myra comes in a little later and stays for the water aerobics at 8:00. The first three usually stay in the deep end of the pool, getting their exercise and friendly conversation in; Myra swims back and forth.

On the far side of the pool are the serious ‘lap swimmers’ (they really work at it); Mary Pat is one of those but she is on a temporary hiatus due to double eye surgery. She still gets in the pool but keeps her head out of the water; she told me that in four weeks, she will be ‘lap swimming’ again.

At 8 a.m., the water aerobics class begins (they have another class at 10 a.m.), Frieda and ‘Cuffy’, Leona and Richard, Myra, Genevieve, and two or three others (depending on the day) participate in that. I pretty much do my own thing from the time I get there to the time I leave; I try to get in 45 minutes exercise each visit.

The pool is very forgiving on joints, tendons and bones, relieving each of pressure. I am very surprised that more people do not take advantage of this great resource for better health in our community. I joked with instructor Amy that I limp in and walk out; it really does make you feel better.

Fridays, after I get out of the “Y”, I go over to the IGA and pick up two donuts, one for Patty and one for me (I earned it and boy does it taste good – Patty gets her donut because she wouldn’t let me in without it – just kidding, probably.) Pat Clark (lives next door to Patty) believes that is probably correct, haha. In any case, then Patty and I play RummyKub for two or three hours, during which time, Florence Peters and/or Sarah Keith usually drop in for a little conversation. There is a good family-type community feeling among the residents of that apartment complex.

We have several on our ‘Prayer Concern’ list this week: Nancy Ledbetter fell and had to go to the ER, she had ‘whiplash’ symptoms and a terrible headache and felt like she was ‘blacking out’; Joy Hazeldean has been feeling bad lately with one thing after another; Elijah Martin had a stomach virus (which he told me about in graphic, and I do mean graphic, detail – Elijah is feeling better now though); Peggy Eckerty remains about the same; we had several persons traveling on vacation this past week; Betty Williams and family (husband Tom went home to the Lord this past week); prayers were asked for all those involved in the gun violence actions that took place in our country this past week; several unspoken requests – God knows; concluding with several praises for blessings we have received, most of all for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please join with us in prayer for all these listed.

There will be a Kid’s Event (they are going to get wet) on Saturday, July 30th at the church (MBC) from 2-5 p.m.; fun, games, food, and some good Bible lessons are planned. Mark your calendar and come on out; all kids from ‘potty-trained’ to sixth grade will be happily welcomed.

On Saturday, August 6th, Markland Baptist will hold its monthly (first Saturday of the month) free pancake breakfast. Why don’t you mark your calendars and make plans to come out and join us; the guys do a good job on the cooking and everyone is welcome.

Sunday (7th), MBC holds our bi-monthly business meeting (of course we have a fellowship dinner first, immediately following the morning service. Have you ever noticed that Baptists do not need much of a reason to get together to eat, ha?

Our card playing group hasn’t been together for a while now but we are supposed to meet this week and I am really looking forward to it (hope I can remember how to play Bridge), to catch up with what everyone has been doing and/or planning to do…not to mention the good food that always is provided with our gatherings; oh, yeah!

Debbie Turner and Jan Hazeldean returned safely from a trip to Michigan; Jan’s uncle passed away and the family held a big memorial service in his honor in Michigan. I think Deb was planning on enjoying the lake beach while Jan attended her family gatherings. I haven’t talked to them since they got back so I am not sure about that yet.

Well gang, that is about all I have to share with you so until we talk again my prayer for you is that God will bless you and keep you safe from harm; may He lift up His countenance and give you peace; Amen.