Maryland News 10-20-16


Hey friends, leaves are turning color and cold fronts are lining up, interspersed with un-seasonal warm temperatures (for October anyway), both sure signs that fall is underway. Old ‘grandpa walnut’ is rapidly loosing his leaves; ‘he’ rarely gets caught in a frost. Goody, goody, Thanksgiving and Christmas are in the planning stages.

On October 22nd at 1:30 p.m., Markland Baptist will be holding a ‘work day’ at the church, cleaning the church siding and working on the apartment siding; the ladies will be doing chores inside the church; fall clean-up is on the way.

‘Work day’ on the 22nd will be followed by a ‘Fall Festival’ at the church, beginning at 5:30 p.m. with a bonfire (accompanied by the appropriate foods of course) and ‘Trunk or Treat’ for the kids in the church parking lot. Mark your calendars and come out for some food and fun. Course if you want to come and join in the ‘work’ part, that is ok, too.

October 30th, immediately following the morning worship service, MBC will be hosting a ‘Kid’s Day’ with food, games, fellowship, and Spiritual guidance for children, from noon to 1:30 p.m. (approximately – they might be having too much fun to stop exactly on time.)

Carolyn Green called me and told me how grateful she was to Switzerland Baptist Church, who very generously provided a funeral dinner for the Burnie Hunt family and friends. Quercus Grove Methodist has a very small congregation (Burnie’s home church) and was unable to provide said dinner and she shared with me their great appreciation for Switzerland Baptist Church’s warm act of Christian kindness. Christian churches pulling together can accomplish great things; thanks for the leading example, Switzerland Baptist.

Jessie Martin and her brother Jake, along with the four kids (Elijah, Weston, Landon and Jake’s daughter Riley) took a road trip during spring break to South Dakota. They had a great time but were really tired when they got home.

While the Martins were gone, Mamaw Mary baby-sat their dog Spock; Spock was a frequent visitor at Mary and Mike’s house and got along with their resident animals, Sadie and Snoop, so Mary did not anticipate any problems.

Unfortunately, such was not the case. Sunday evening Mary answered the door, Dan Mangold was returning a dish Lucinda had borrowed, and while they talked, all heck broke out. Mary isn’t sure was caused it but Spock viciously attacked Sadie; Mary thinks Sadie may have taken Spock’s bone or something like that. Sadie is an old, much overweight Bassett Hound, about two feet long with four inch legs; Spock is a young and larger dog. Neither Mary nor Dan could separate the dogs; they called Animal Control who came very quickly and got them apart.

Animal Control was wonderful (Mary called Cyndi and I to come down and help) and the officers loaded Sadie in Cyndi’s car and we made an emergency run to the veterinarian’s office in Rising Sun. The vet thought he could save her but the morning would tell the tale.

We came back and began cleaning the mess up, it looked like someone had slaughtered a cow in there. There was blood three-quarters of the way up the walls and drapes were covered with blood; lots of soap, bleach, and elbow grease got it cleaned up.

Monday evening, we went down to the vet’s and picked Sadie up to come home; she looked kind of ‘rough’ but happy to see us. The doctor said it was a good thing Sadie was so fat because the injuries didn’t reach her vital organs (aha, something to be said for being fat). Sadie is home, dining on Chicken and rice, and healing up nicely. Mary was grateful and wanted to express her thanks to Dan, the Animal Control officers, and the vet.

Julie and friends returned from Myrtle Beach Sunday afternoon; not even hurricanes stop these girls (course ‘Mathew was further up the coast by that time) and I haven’t talked to Julie yet but I hope they had a good time. Julie is having surgery in November and wanted to get a little vacation in before that. Do remember her as you talk to the Lord this month.

Which reminds me, I want to express my personal gratitude to the Switzerland County Health Department, and especially to Betty Lucas (I believe she writes the petitions for grant money to bring special services to our county) for the wonderful opportunities for medical tests and services provided free (or very low-cost) to our county residents. Don’t forget your flu shot, free for county residents at the Health Department.

I sincerely hope that our residents take full advantage of these much-needed medical services; I did, and it may have saved my life. The Health Department brought doctors, nurses, and technicians here to test for vascular problems. I took the tests and got a letter about ten days later advising me to take the test results to my doctor as the tests showed significant carotid artery blockage.

I took the letter and the test results to Katic Stephnova (Nurse Practitioner – if I spelled it wrong, blame it on the blockage) and Katic immediately made me an appointment with a vascular surgeon, Dr. VanDalen in Madison. He is great (I even liked his nurse Linda); he sat down and talked to me, and Cyndi (she took me) and explained (in plain English) what the problem entailed and sent me to KDH for another test to confirm the diagnosis before he scheduled surgery.

The ‘CAT Scan’ confirmed the blockage (actually in both carotid arteries) and Dr. VanDalen scheduled the surgery for this Thursday (20th) at Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville. Dr. VanDalen is in Madison on Tuesdays but does all his surgeries at Clark Memorial. Had to go last Friday for the lab work (pre-opt.) in Jeffersonville.

Cyndi took me, and like me, is a ‘country-mouse’, neither of us had ever been to Jeffersonville and we didn’t want to get on the interstate if we didn’t have to (personally I think Madison is a major trip.) The nurse gave us directions on the Indiana side, down 62 and we made it with no problems, straight to the hospital: until we tried to come home. Yep, we got lost but we made it home.

Everyone at Clark Memorial was exceedingly courteous and helpful, even escorting us (Cyndi stayed with me the whole time) from one lab test to the other (there were a bunch and that place is huge); I can’t say enough about how well we were treated. It makes me more comfortable about going there for the surgery but please remember me when you are talking to the Lord.

The doctor advised me to cut back on physical activity until after the surgery so I haven’t been to the ‘Y’ lately, and I really miss it. Not only am I starting to feel like a ‘old wet bag of sand’ from lack of activity, I miss talking to the girls: Dottie (and of course Mr. Jamie), Amy, Jan, Myra, Billie (whom I called Bobbie last column, sorry, blame it on the blockage), Freda, and many more lovely people. The ‘Y’ is a great place not only for exercise leading to better health but also for social interaction; we are blessed to have it, and all the great people that work there, in our community.

Jan Rayles had successful eye surgery last week and was at church this Sunday; he had Gayle bring him. Jan didn’t want to take any chances on driving; he said it still felt like he had a little ‘bubble’ in his eye but the doctor told him it should disappear this week.

Joke to share: Elijah and the false prophets were the subjects of Miss June’s Sunday school class. She explained how the true prophet Elijah built and alter and placed pieces of a sacrificial steer on it and then poured 16 barrels of water over the whole thing. “Now,” said the teacher, “can anyone tell me why the Lord asked Elijah to pour all that water over the sacrifice?” Little Emma raised her hand with great enthusiasm and said, “To make the gravy!”

Bet this kid grows up to be a great cook; she is probably a Baptist – we love to eat!

Ana Slover’s brother, David and his wife from Florida, were visiting Ana and Bob last week. Ana said David was always a person full of laughter and everyone around him was kept in stitches the whole time he was here. They had a wonderful visit.

We have several on our Prayer Concern list this week: Julie and I (both scheduled for surgery), Donna Miller’s sister ‘Toots’ (also scheduled for surgery on the 20th), Pastor Bob’s father Robert Brundige (traumatic illness), all of the victims and their families of weather catastrophes on both coasts of our country and Haiti, Bonnie Meyung and others that have lost loved ones, Unspoken requests, God’s will be done in the coming elections, Unsaved family and friends, Joy Hazeldean, Patty Miller, and Phil and Charlotte Kroening (all missing from morning service), our travelers, and for all the workers helping folks recover from the storms.

Well friends until we talk again, may the Lord cause His face to shine on you, to bless you and keep you safe from harm and grant you peace. Amen.