Maryland News 1-5-17


Hey friends, I apologize for missing a November column; maybe an explanation would be better. Between the doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and hospital stays, I completely lost November…and most of December too.

November 4th, I checked into Kentuckiana Medical Center for a heart-cath (and a possible overnight stay), which actually turned into a two-week visit: I wasn’t released until November 15th.

When they did the heart-cath, they ran a tiny camera up the vein to my heart and found that the damage was too serious for one, or more, stints; so it was open-heart surgery for me. The result was a quadruple bypass on four major cardiac arteries. The doctors determined I had CAD (no, not computer aided design) coronary arterial disease.

Also have several gall stones and a blocked renal artery, all of which occurred with no symptoms. Then after the surgery, I had a stroke – at least that is what the doctor told me. Mike, my son, said the doctor told him that I did not have a stroke. Draw whatever conclusion you wish, I do know that they checked for residual stroke problems while I was in the hospital, not that I have any.

I am home now though I look like an old turkey with a waddle right down the middle of my chest and a scar going from my ankle to my groin on my left leg where they took the vein out to make the bypass work. Isn’t it amazing that God knew to put spare parts in the human body for just such problems as this?

Seriously, I am doing pretty good considering what I went through and just some seeming weakness now and then. This past Tuesday, Ana Slover and Debbie Turner took me out to lunch at Jewell’s on Main in Warsaw. It was delicious and then they came back and visited with me for an hour or so.

I received many lovely cards, one of which was hand-delivered by Debbie Graybill from Glenn Crandell. Please accept my gratitude for anything you have done for me, I do truly appreciate it.

Julie Hazeldean had a hip replacement surgery two days before my surgery and she is doing really well. My family, both biological and spiritual, has done so much for me through this and I have so much to be thankful for. I thank God for all He has done for both Julie and me.

As most of you know, son Sam and wife Cyndi, moved in next door to me; praise the Lord, Cyndi has made the difference in my care, hauling me to doctor’s appointments and to the hospital. Sam and Mike rigged up a wireless door bell, with the button at my house and the receiver at Cyndi’s house; it works great!

Daughter-in-law Mary, invited me down to their house for Thanksgiving but I was too weak to make the trip (9/10 of a mile) so she brought up a Tupperware container full of food and another full of desserts. The following Saturday, grandsons William and Rocky came to cook dinner for the family (Sam deep-fried a turkey and Cyndi had already fixed most of the dinner.)

Christmas dinner was to be at my house on the 17th, grandchildren Jessie and Michael came over to help me out. Thanks to them, dinner was a success; then I went down to Mike/Mary’s for dinner on the 25th. We went to Christmas Eve Service at church on the 24th; it was really lovely.

Wilma and I went over to Warsaw to the new Save-A-Lot and after shopping stopped into the Subway for a sandwich. While we were there, Mary Jane Hankins came in; she and Miriam had come over to check out the new store also. Mary Jane asked us if we knew where it was; we pointed across the road and we all had a good laugh. Mary Jane told Wilma and I that she and a few other or Patty’s friends came down with a pizza and surprised her fore her birthday on the evening of the 21st.

On the 21st, I went to Vevay to visit Patty and play our game for her birthday; we had our usual doughnut and coffee and settled in to play Rummykub; neither of us is in very good health so we only played two or three hours and gave up, both of us too tired to continue. Florence Peters popped to visit and let us know what was going on in the community.

I am still plagued by weakness; can’t seem to get my strength back, need to get back to the ‘Y’ and exercise in the pool.

Until next month, my prayer for each of you is that God will bless you with a Happy, Healthy, and Spiritually prosperous New Year!