Markland News 9-29-16


Hey friends, September is rolling out the door and maybe we will have a little cooler weather. The garden is pretty well finished, canning done, and the ground ready to be ‘put by’ for spring as Mom used to say.

Leaves are falling and the grass has slowed down in growth (good, I am getting tired of mowing.) Have you ever noticed that about this time of year, the flowers seem to put on a ‘last hurrah’ of beautiful color, usually before the major ‘leaf color’ turn? This is discounting the mums of course, which are just starting to put on their lovely colors.

We have a couple of birthdays in October: Joy Hazeldean on the 6th and Jeanne Bragg on the 12th; and a wedding anniversary on the 9th featuring Donna and Frank Miller (I kind of ‘dis-remember whether it is their 22nd or 23rd; I am sure some one will remind me shortly.) No matter, we send out our warmest good wishes to all of the above and pray God will bless each of you in the way you need most. Congratulations on your special day!

I saw a sign on a church billboard a few days ago and it really caused me to think about the message. Since my memory left for lunch  (and forgot to come back), I’ll have to paraphrase it for you: ‘God created it! Man loused it up! Jesus fixed it!’ You have to admit, that pretty well sums up the Gospel message, providing of course that you accept Jesus’ ‘repair’.

Sin began in the ‘Garden of Eden’ with Adam and Eve and has continued all through time up to, and including, now. God’s plan from the beginning (since He knew mankind would louse it up) was that Jesus would come and redeem (save from hell) all those that chose to accept Him. Whether you believe this or not, doesn’t make it any less true; think about it, discuss it with your friends – at the very least, it will be a change from discussing politics.

Mary and Jessi Martin took a long weekend mini-vacation with friends down to Tennessee, they all chipped in and rented one of those chalet places so it didn’t cost any of them very much (Jessi’s brother Jake kept the boys while they were gone) and they had a great time.

Was sorry to read in last week’s paper that we lost three more of our ‘shoe family’: Linda Peters, Allen Edwards, and Bobby Proctor. Our deep sympathy goes out to each of these families; remember them in your conversations with the Lord please.

Patty Miller was in an auto accident last Thursday: she was traveling west on Main and a young lady was traveling east, the young lady attempted to make a left turn and evidently did not see Patty’s vehicle. She turned right into the driver’s side of Patty’s van. Next day (Friday) I was down to visit Patty (our weekly Rummykub game) and she told me about the accident. Patty said she wasn’t hurt seriously just shook up, stiff and sore she thought; she didn’t think the other lady was seriously hurt either; thank God for both these health results. Patty’s son Jamie went down to look at the van and he told Patty that it was pretty well ‘toast’. Remember Patty and the young lady in your prayers, please.

While Patty and I were yakking and playing our game (and enjoying our weekly doughnut – just one each), Jenny and Tim (niece and nephew from Tennessee) came in. They were on vacation and stopped at several places in the Tri-state area to visit relatives, enjoying the sights and activities along their route. Tim is a Civil War battle enactment enthusiast and was telling us about one they had just visited in Kentucky. It was really interesting. We all had fun catching up with each other.

Last Friday while I was at Patty’s place, Florence Peters came in to visit and talk for a bit and we got to discussing ways to keep us ‘older kids’ minds sharp (and maybe stay out of nursing homes.) I was telling them about a government study I read that said exercise, both physical and mental, along with eating healthy food, was extremely important to stay mentally alert. Little things like using your non-dominant hand to brush your hair or teeth causes the brain to ‘fire’ differently and stimulate the mind (be careful brushing your teeth with the wrong hand, you can almost put your eye out – just ask me, I know) socializing (just talking to people – I told Florence she sure had that one whipped), reading, playing games (that cause you to think), learning another language or to play a musical instrument, and working crossword and jigsaw puzzles, were some of the things mentioned in the study.

I said I thought I might start working some jigsaw puzzles (not that I am any good at it) and Florence jumped up and “Oh, goody!” She ran out the door and came back a moment later with a big bag full of jigsaw puzzles; she said she was hoping to find someone who wanted them. I now have puzzle pieces laying all over the dining room table that do not seem to fit together anywhere; thanks Florence! Sarah Keith and Patty just laughed at me.

Last week’s Bridge game was at Carolyn Green’s house in Quercus Grove and this week, it was at my house. We rotate from house to house from week to week just depending on who feels like hosting it that particular week. Ana, Debbie, Carolyn, and I make a pretty congenial group (most of the time) and really enjoy our ‘game’ afternoons.

Marty and Melissa Park along with Rosalie Waggoner (Melissa’s mom) traveled over the past weekend to Indianapolis to attend daughter Abigail’s wedding. They were happily looking forward to the celebration.

Jan and Gayle Rayles were traveling over last weekend also.

Due to all the folks traveling, working, and some that were ill, we didn’t have many in church Sunday and the children’s event had to be postponed for two weeks, only two kids were at church, the rest were all out sick.

This Sunday (October 2nd), Markland Baptist Church will hold our bi-monthly fellowship pitch-in dinner immediately after the morning worship service and following the dinner, we will have our bi-monthly business meeting. We are anticipating having our dinner out under the picnic shelter, weather permitting, but we have a ‘plan B’ in place, just in case or whatever God wills.

October 17th, the WMU of Markland Baptist will hold a meeting at the church at 6:30 p.m., where they will make their plans for the next season. Julie said it would be important that everyone try to attend so they could organize and complete their plans.

At the ‘Y’ pool last week, after/before regular exercise, Myra, Bobbi, Frieda, Genevieve, and I, played with a big beach ball. You might be surprised how much movement you use just passing a ball around in the pool – and how much fun it was. I am going to miss a few sessions at the ‘Y’ for the next couple of weeks or so due to some medical problems but it won’t take me long to get back in the groove, hopefully.

Possibly relevant joke: the preacher told me the other day I should be thinking about the Hereafter. I told him, “I do, all the time. No matter where I am: in the living upstairs, in the kitchen, or in the basement. I’m always asking myself, ‘Now, what am I here after?’ ” I am sure many of you can relate, right?

There were so many on our prayer concern list this week, many families are grieving over lost loved family and friends, many in our congregation and community are ill; God knows who we all are and all our needs and tells us to lay our burdens on Him because He cares for us (II Peter 5:7). If you have problems, talk to God; if you don’t, thank God!

Until next time, may God cause His face to shine on you, to bless you and give you heart-peace. Amen.