Markland News 9-21-17


Hey friends, hope this finds all of you ‘hanging tough’ as Mom used to say. I am still on the ‘right side of the grass’ but am hobbling around due to a couple of falls; one really hurt though the other was more of a nuisance, but the combination has kept me from going to the ‘Y’ for aerobics. Reva Bragg and I are going to try next week to ‘get back in the groove’ so to speak.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Debbie Allen and her family on the tragic loss of her son, Nathan Christman. We pray God will grant all of you sufficient strength, comfort, and peace to get through this very trying time. Our prayers are with you.

Patty Miller and I went to Madison Labor Day; we did some shopping at Walmart then had lunch at Ponderosa (and of course we ate too much.)

On Wednesday, we had our regular game of Rummykub – and our two doughnuts, naturally.

Reva Bragg and I went to Vevay Friday for some shopping (okay, so we were just out gadding) and then to lunch at Roxano’s, which was delightful. After that, we stopped at the grocery and saw a lot of people we knew. Reva commented, “We could just come to town and park in front of CVS and visit with all our friends.”

We ran into Jimmy and Sharon Ray at the Dollar Store, Rosemary Bovard outside IGA, Julie Hazeldean was just going in to IGA (she was going to pick up some ‘mums’ (I have three pots waiting to be planted – they are very nice plants.)

Reva and I went to the Post Office and saw Mary Ann Ricketts just outside the jewelry store and we talked with her. She told us she had a birthday on Monday (11th) but her niece in Cincinnati threw a family party for her last Sunday at her home in Cincinnati. Mary Ann said her niece has completely remodeled her home and it turned out beautiful. Mary Ann was 87 on Monday, September 11th, and said she is feeling great. Mary Ann is an inspiration to many people. Other birthdays in September are: Melissa Park (3rd), Mike Martin (9th), and James Bruce on the 18th. My sister Jo’s birthday is on the 24th. We wish all of you a very happy and blessed birthday and as the Irish are fond of saying, “May you be in heaven two days before the devil knows you are dead!” Happy Birthday!

Thursday, Cyndi (daughter-in-law) Carr, took me back to Walmart to the eye doctor; actually he gave me some good news – I have two very small, slow growing cataracts – just to keep an eye on for now but my regular vision has improved since the last visit. Nancy Ledbetter went with us – my doctor’s appointment was at 11 a.m. and her medical appointment was at 1 p.m., also in Madison. Nancy has more tests scheduled this coming Monday.

Our prayer concern list was kind of lengthy this past week: Allen/Christman family (loss of Nathan), Other grieving families, Nancy Ledbetter (medical), victims of weather catastrophes everywhere, Robert Brundige (Pastor Bobby’s dad for strength and encouragement as he goes through chemo treatments), Sheila Shaw and family (as they go through her illness and treatments), Elaine Hazeldean (fighting leukemia), Audrey Patton (Hospital), Amazath Grace (broken collar bone – birth injury, Melissa and Marty Park’s newest grandchild. Mother and baby are doing well now), Unsaved family and friends, Joy Hazeldean (continued healing and strength), Howard Hazeldean (knee problems), along with several praises. Roger Garvey is able to get around now (he has been to church several times the past few weeks – he is still having problems from a past surgery though), for the beautiful weather, for God’s bountiful provisions, Emmett Church’s daughter (doing much better), for all of God’s many blessings – thank you, Father!

Ana and I were so grateful that all our family members in Florida were okay after hurricane Irma went through. My sister Jo lives in St. Petersburg in a mobile home and I was really concerned for her well-being but when I called her before Irma was due to hit, she basically told me to mind my own business – she was old enough to make her own decisions; so I turned it over to God. My niece Kris and her family live in Tallahassee and they came through fine; Jo did too.

Ana’s niece had tree fall on her garage (she lives in upper Florida) and buried her truck, but no one was hurt. Her brother David and his wife (around Jacksonville) were both okay with no significant property damage.

The Switzerland County Pacers won their Friday night football game against Edinburgh, and in the third quarter lineman Issac Slover scored a touchdown – and it was his birthday (what a birthday present.) I know because grandmother Ana could not wait to call me the next morning and tell me the news. Ana was one proud grandmother! Issac’s father, Addam Slover (Issac’s father) took Ana to the game (us older kids have trouble driving at night.) Congratulations Pacers, keep up the good work.

Speaking of which, I believe I will have to change my time traveling to the ‘Y’ for aerobics – I had some trouble seeing this morning in the dark; the headlights blinded me, especially those ‘blue’ headlights. Instead of the 8 a.m. class I will try for the 10 a.m. class and see if that takes care of the problem. I kind of hate to change times because I enjoy the early group so much and the later time just cuts the day completely up. Oh well, as dad used to say, “crap happens” – (ok so I paraphrased it a little, this is a family newspaper.)

‘Chuckle of the week’: A children’s Sunday school teacher encouraged her five year olds to create an art project that related to the Bible. As she wandered around the room looking at the children’s pictures, she came to little Alice. “Alice what are you drawing?”

“I’m drawing God.”

“But no one knows what God looks like, Alice.”

Without missing a beat, Alice replied, “They will when I’m finished!”

On a more serious note: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Lord.” (Romans 3:23) – that means everyone of us is a sinner but as the old hymn says, “There is room at the cross for us…” There is no sin that is so grievously rotten that Jesus Christ’s perfect sacrifice on the cross does not cover it, providing of course that we as individuals accept His sacrifice.

The old hymn goes on to say, “even though millions have come, there is still room for one…” (read the word ‘me’ for ‘one’) – that means that no matter what we have done or what circumstances we are in, whether by our own decisions [or by some other means,] there is hope through Jesus Christ for us, for our eternal security.

Got a letter from son Frank in which he wanted to compliment sister-in-law Cyndi (Sam’s wife) on her country skills (Cyndi was born and raised in the city but quickly adapted to country life) and he didn’t want to say she was a successful ‘hillbilly’ so he decided that saying she is a fine ‘Appalachian American’ would be a better compliment. Frank can be diplomatic when he tries, haha.

Until next time, my prayer for each of you is that God will keep you under the ‘shadow of His wings’ and guard your life for His glory; may He grant each of you heart peace; amen.