Markland News 8-3-17


Hey friends, well we have survived another month (at least, if you are reading this, you have) and it is only four more months to the ‘Big holidays’.

The seasons are rapidly changing; as I walked out on the deck this morning (Saturday) barefoot to check on some plants, the deck boards were cold on my bare feet. In the mornings, the birdsong is diminishing a bit and in the evenings, the cicadas make enough noise to wake the dead. You can barely hear yourself think, not that I was all that great at it anyway.

Time is always passing, as the old saying goes, ‘time and tide wait for no man’, but even fleeting, time is important.

The gift of time…time gives us the chance to correct mistakes, the chance to regenerate (to grow), the chance to repent and forgive (both ourselves and others), to do better than we have done in the past. Think about what it means to renew, to repent, to start over again. Thank Christ for that blessing.

No matter how we stumble, no matter how miserably we fail ourselves (and God), with sincere repentance we can get up and start all over again. Unlike humans, God forgives sins.

Real joy comes from helping someone else; so “Ring the bells that can still ring”, no matter what your circumstances are, you can do something for someone else, to listen to them or even only to pray for them. Remember the prayer of a righteous person has great power, not our righteousness but rather Christ’s.

Ok, that is enough philosophy.

On Friday, Sam and Cyndi got home from their vacation to Red River George, Kentucky; both the dogs and I were glad to see them – honestly they were more vocal about it than I was but I was very glad to see them home safe.

A special blessing came for me this past Saturday (what a great week God blessed me with), my daughter-in-law Donna Miller came in for a visit (I don’t get to see Donna very often – she lives in Lewis County, Kentuckyy.) Her daughter (my granddaughter) Jeni Gibson was with her, along with Hailey Calista Rose (my great-granddaughter with a beautiful name) whose cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunks (she just had wisdom teeth removed and her cheeks were still swelled up.) We sat out on the deck and yakked for several hours (even with dental problems, Hailey managed to get some chocolate cake down; I really enjoyed their visit and got caught up on all the Kentucky family news.

Just to put the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak, Mike and Mary Martin came in from Texas (even further away) and I got to visit with them. As my dad used to say, “I have been playing in tall cotton!” (Ok, so I changed the wording a bit – after all this is a family newspaper.) Michael and Jessi Martin and the boys (Elijah, Weston, and Landon) came in from Texas also but I didn’t get to visit with them until Sunday after church. Mary fixed burgers and beans for everybody and it was really good. Madison and Cindy Jo ate hot dogs, green beans, and tomatoes (I gotta admit, the veggies were exceptional.)

It was really good to be back in church Sunday and see all of our vacationers home safe. Mel and Bobby Brundige had a hard trip home from California (baby Roland screamed for a good part of the journey on the airplane – daughter Emma did good) but they made it back.

Mel’s brother, Baker Harcrow, was with them Sunday morning at church and it was good to visit with him. He is out of the Army now and living in Lexington, attending university to continue his education.

Julie and Howard Hazeldean came home too; Julie was a couple of shades darker than when she left. They went to Myrtle Beach. Golfing must not be as ‘sun powerful’ as the beach because Howard was about the same ‘shade’ as when he left. Julie likes the beach and Howard, the golf course.

The last couple of weeks we (Ana Slover, Carolyn Green, Debbie Turner, and I) have got in our ‘weekly’ Bridge game; and as usual, we enjoyed the cards, the camaraderie, and of course the food. Ana has been doctoring an infection on her leg, stemming from a bad bruise she ‘collected’ cleaning (at least that is the story she told us’.)

Carolyn is still healing from something that was hurting her leg (she was worried it could be a blood clot but the doctor assured her that it was not – even if he didn’t know exactly what did cause it.) Debbie and I were in pretty good shape (for the shape we were in, ha ha.) We had a good time.

Sunday morning’s Prayer Concern list was rather lengthy: Joy Hazeldean (breathing problems), Roger Garvey (continued healing), victims and their families affected by weather catastrophes, the Archer family (his passing and other grieving families in our community who have lost loved ones), Paulette Barnes, Joshua Carr (head injury – surgery scheduled for this Monday), Patty Miller and Reva Bragg (strength and wisdom), Frank and Donna Miller, unsaved family and friends, our church (wisdom), Wilma Turner (bad arthritis), and unspoken requests; along with many praises, especially for our safely returned congregants.

My rain gauge measured over one and half inches of rain over the weekend. The forecasters have predicted dry, sunny days for the next four or five days and I am planning on getting some painting (outside) done. Remembering of course the old adage, “Man plans and God laughs!” Do give me credit for good intentions anyway.

Reminds me of what my Gram Gant used to tell me, “Patty, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions…and you are the chief paver!” (Gram was the only person, alive or dead, that was allowed to call me Patty.) I never doubted that Gram loved me but she certainly was not adverse about telling me what she thought.

Wilma and I went to Madison last Saturday for some shopping to Walmart (she rode the electric cart around the store) but by the time we got to Walgreen’s (compression hose was what we were looking for), Wilma was completely wore out…and so was I; we weren’t so tired we couldn’t eat lunch though. I am afraid our days of shopping from dawn to dark are over.

We stopped on the way home to talk to Reva Bragg and she was really tired from helping the boys ‘lay’ carpet…actually Reva was picking up stuff (light stuff) and getting things out of the way for the guys. Man, her carpet looks fantastic.

Wilma commented that we were all in the same boat (physically speaking)…I added that I think the boat sprung a leak.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplications, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6.)

Until we talk again, my prayer for you is that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds, through Christ Jesus, and that God will grant you heart-peace. Amen.