Markland News 6-6-13


Hey friends, here it is June already and the year is most half over. Flowers are blooming their beautiful heads off and gardens are in full swing….at least, those that could be planted between rains. In the last two weeks I have had over four and a half  inches of rain out here on the Pike; keeping up with the mowing is a real challenge.

Cyndi Carr, grandson William Carr, and great-grandson Dion Cannon, dropped in to see me one afternoon after school last week. Cyndi grabbed an ashtray, William hit the refrigerator, and Dion went for the candy jar; while they were thusly occupied, Dion noticed the hanging Christmas ornaments in the dining room pass-through.

Dion said, “Grandma, how come you have Christmas ornaments still up?” I told him they were not still up and that since I was older than dirt and really slow, I had to start very early to get decorated by Christmas. He said, “Oh, ok.” Aren’t kids easy?

What I neglected to mention was that they had been hanging there for three years (I don’t believe that with Dion’s observant powers he will grow up to be a detective.) There are 41 ornaments hanging, each one represents a family member. As I sit down for my afternoon nap in my big rocking chair, I picture each person and say a little prayer for them. Sometimes I fall asleep before I get all through them but they are still waiting when I wake up.

On February 16, 1888, Markland Baptist Church was established (in case your math skills are like mine, that was 125 years ago.) with twelve charter members, in the then, thriving town of Markland. Back then, Markland had three or four stores, a lumber mill, and numerous homes; Markland  Pike was a toll road, one of many in Switzerland County.

In the past 125 years, MBC has served our community, spiritually and with various community service projects. The first generation of our ‘spiritual’ family has long since ‘gone home to the Lord’. The second generation, all somewhat (let us be kind and say) ‘long in tooth’, have lost many to their eternal rest; in fact there are only four remaining that are still firmly entrenched in our church in spirit or in physical presence, all of which have passed seven decades of life.

In the last two weeks, Vandora Bennett and Louise Rayles have gone home to join them; we know there was singing in heaven at their arrival though our hearts were saddened at their leaving. Both of these ladies were life-long members of our community and decades long members of MBC. Louise played the piano at MBC for 64 years before her sight failed her; her playing was the reflection of her own sweet, gentle spirit. Vandora was a correspondent for the paper for many years, passing it on to me.

The four remaining members of this group are: Mary Davenport who has recently changed her address (she is now living with her daughter, Cookie Applegate, Joy and Eldric Hazeldean  (3001 Cameron Court, Madison, IN, 47250) now residing in Madison to be near medical facilities (Joy is on kidney dialysis), and myself. Address for anyone that would like to send a card or note of friendship to Joy and Eldric.

One of Louise’s favorite philosophies was, “Give your children two lasting things; the first is roots, the second is wings.” Some of the best advice I have ever heard. Eldric always told me that if I was going to have any fruit, I have to spray my trees (Eldric could plant rocks and grow boulders – the man was the consummate gardener). I really shocked him recently when I told him this year I did spray my trees.

The third generation is capably leading us on into the future and preparing the way for the fourth generation, God willing, at MBC.

On another note, Ana and Bob Slover and Jenny and Addam Slover celebrated the confirmation of Isaacc Slover into the Lutheran faith with a dinner at Bob and Ana’s home after church. The next week, they all journeyed to Muncie for Hannah’s graduation (with honors); Ana said the Baccalaureate Ceremony was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen and the graduation ceremony was really good too.

It has been over a month since we have gotten together to play Bridge; some were out of town for family graduations or other gatherings, some have been ill, two had medical appointments, and various other things. Carolyn Green was out of town for a graduation, came home and promptly came down with the flu; she sounded terrible on the phone.

Patty A. Miller (I am Pat D. – Patty says A. stands for angel and D. stands for devil – that is her opinion, mine differs a bit) was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy; it is a condition that affects the nerves of the face, causing one side to fall; she is taking medication. The kids were afraid she had had a stoke and made her go to the doctor; Patty thought she just had an ear infection that affected the side of her face and wasn’t going to go to the doctor. The kids changed her mind for her.

My ‘friend’ sent me a little joke: Two boys were walking home from church after hearing some really strong preaching on Satan. One boy said to the other, “What do you think about all this Satan stuff?” The other boy thought a moment then replied, “Well you know what Santa Claus and the Easter bunny turned out to be; it’s probably just your dad.”

Thanks ‘Friend’, humor is the best medicine. Speaking of which, although all these statements are funny (sort of) they are true (excerpted from the May, “River Times”): When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop, even your heart. – Babies are born without kneecaps. They don’t appear until they are 2-6 years old. – 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. – The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903 and used a tomato can for a carburetor. – If coloring were not added to Coca-Cola, it would be green. – Most of us have eaten a spider in our sleep. Yuk. And these are all true statements. Now don’t tell anyone you didn’t learn anything this week.

Better weather means Wilma is on the move – so what else is new? Wilma and Linda Bowman (ex-sister-in-law) went out one day to the Amish Auction. Linda lives near Marjorie Ford (Wilma’s good ‘running buddy’) but Marjorie was still not very maneuverable with her injured leg and didn’t feel like going with them. Wilma said she and Linda had doughnuts but didn’t see anything they felt like they needed, so they just came home.

Myrtle (Chandler) Butler came by to see Wilma and they went on down to Swiss Villa to visit with Myrtle’s sister and some friends currently residing there. Coming back, they decided to take the ‘scenic route’ (Wilma was driving); Myrtle had never been up Popcorn Ridge (she told Wilma she didn’t even know where it was at.) You can bet Wilma knew where it was and how to get to it. Wilma said they had a nice afternoon.

One morning, Wilma and I went out to the Dutch Store for a few things and a lady, Pat Turney (not sure of the spelling), from Cincinnati, introduced herself, said she always read and enjoyed the column and just knew who we were from the reading. Nice lady, glad we got to meet you.

Of course these are just a few of Wilma’s ‘gading-abouts’; she tells me (over and over) that she is just staying home these days (don’t try to reach her by phone until dark though, by daylight she is ‘on the road again!’) Wilma is one woman that age doesn’t have a very good grip on – good for her.

Switzerland County High School graduation is June 9th (grandson Joshua wanted to make sure I knew when it was) and many parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are anticipating this joyful event. Joshua and his friend Cheyenne Reed (Wilma’s grandson) are going to college for nursing (at least that is what they have decided now; time will tell the tale.) and we wish them, and all other graduates, all success in whatever endeavor they have chosen for their future.

Melissa and Marty Park drove to Maine last weekend to take Melissa’s parents up to visit and stay for a while with Melissa’s sister Donna; then Melissa and Marty flew back. Later sister Donna will drive the parents home and visit with Melissa and Marty for a bit.

Two weekends ago, Mike and Mary Martin attended a reunion (of sorts) with several old friends they used to work with in Harrison: one of the friends hosted the event. Mary said they really enjoyed themselves.

Over the Memorial Day holiday, Mike and Mary with Michael and Jessi Martin and their boys Elijah, Weston, and Landon, and Kym Martin, all went to Clifty Falls Park to go hiking after church. They invited me to go but I told them unless they had a horse I could ride or wanted to carry me ‘piggy-back’ (they didn’t think much of that idea), I didn’t think I could make it. Mary told me they had a wonderful time and the boys did great on the hike but Weston kept wanting to find the alligator in the creek; he never did but Landon carefully waded through it just to make sure. Mary was some kind of sore the rest of the week.

Little Emma Brundige (Pastor Bobby and Mel’s daughter) went through a successful surgery but is still not feeling very well. Pastor’s mother Linda and his brother Josh, have been visiting with Bobby and Mel and we got to visit with them Sunday morning at church and at the Fellowship dinner after.

June birthdays being celebrated are: Landon Martin (3rd), Julia Hazeldean (10th), Woodie Reeves (11th), Mary Martin (12th), Dion Cannon (23rd), Nancy Ledbetter (30th), and Bradley Leach (30th). We wish each one of you a wonderful day and a year to follow filled with God’s sweet blessings; Happy Birthday.

We have several on our prayer list this week especially all the people affected by the terrible storms in our country the past couple of weeks; our hearts and prayers are with them. There were unspoken requests, petitions for our travelers safe returns, several for healing: Phil Kroening, Debbie Bruce, James Bruce’s father, Patty A. Miller, prayers for our graduates, unsaved family and friends, Mary Davenport, Joy and Eldric Hazeldean, Susie Chatham, Judy Adams, prayers for encouragement for several of our members, Chuck Byrum and his wife Joyce, and of course, the grieving families in our community that have lost loved ones.

Until we talk again, my prayer each of you is that God will shine His face on you and keep you safe from harm; may He keep you under the shadow of His wings and grant you heart-peace. Amen.