Markland News 6-4-15


Hey friends, how are you doing in 2015 so far? Think about it; we are putting the fifth month of the year behind us and what do you want to accomplish by the 12th month. Please tell me that just surviving is not your only goal, although it is a prerequisite to anything else.

I am patting myself on the back when I tell you I have reached (plus some) 25-percent of my 100 pound weight loss goal, not doing nearly as well on the ‘house de-cluttering’ though. It seems like I get one thing out and bring two things back in. Oh well, I have seven months to achieve it; I am hoping for at least two rooms. Time will tell!

Spring flowers and trees have bloomed and mostly gone; summer flowers are heading up, some are even already showing their lovely blossoms. Vevay is about two weeks ahead of us out here on the Pike in the growing season. The yuccas have already sent their beautiful white flower spikes high in the air and will burst into full bloom by the end of the week – if they don’t freeze of course (I am writing this on Monday and wondering if I was to quick to pack away my ‘long johns’. Man, this weather has been something else this year all over the world.)

That storm we had the other evening had winds sufficient to blow over Sam’s heavy gas grill – and it will stay laying there until Sam comes in; it is too heavy for me to pick up. It also blew the top out of my redbud tree (and it was so pretty this spring – did you all know that redbud blossoms are edible?) I thought it was going to blow the whiskers off the cat before he reached the door but he made it, whiskers intact.

This is not me complaining, I am grateful not to have been in Boston this past winter nor in Texas now. I am happy to be right where I am; thank you Lord!

May saw us celebrating Mother’s Day and Memorial Day; both are days of remembrance but those feelings and memories should not be limited to one day. Tell your mother you love her and give her a hug (doesn’t cost much and she will really appreciate it – mothers don’t last forever.)

Remember those serving our country, past and present, those who have given all and those that are still giving. Traditionally on Memorial Day, we honor not only our service people but all those family and friends that have passed on before us.

Years ago, folks used to spend the day at the cemeteries, bringing food and visiting with others, while decorating the graves and telling stories about loved ones. Things change as time passes; the only thing that doesn’t change is God. In the Scriptures, God reminds us to remember Him, teaching our children about all the miraculous things He has done in the past and perhaps equally important, the things He has done in our own lives. We need to always remember God, to honor Him and serve Him to best of our ability.

We have several birthdays coming up in June and want to send out joyous greetings to: Landon Martin (3rd), Hailey Gibson (7th), Julia Hazeldean (10th), Mary Martin (12th), Dion Cannon (23rd ), and Nancy Ledbetter on the 30th. May your day be filled with love and laughter and the year that follows filled with good health and much happiness; Happy Birthday.

Had some bad news at church Sunday; Mary told us that Rachel Gurley had a ‘set back’ in her recovery. Remember her and her family as you speak with the Lord this week. Eldric Hazeldean is doing very poorly also; please remember he and Joy in your prayers too.

We had many others on our prayer concern list this week: Ron and Wanda Wingate, Kent Hendricks, Frank and Donna Miller, Melanie and Bob Brundige, graduates (for wisdom and success), unspoken requests, those having employment issues, Tina Sandlin (knee surgery – successful recovery), Tom Williams, Dee Wells (shoulder surgery), Shyla Prince’s son Cameron has been sick this past week (naturally passing ‘it’ around), several member traveling (both this week and next), victims, and their families, of the terrible storms in Texas and other places in the world, and for unsaved friends and loved ones; these are all ‘standing in the need of prayer’. We want to pray for all of these and others that come to mind; remember the prayer of a ‘righteous person’ has great power and Scripture tell us to pray for others.

Ana Slover told me that the ‘Slovers’ had gotten together for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day at she and Bob’s place: Matt and Julie up from Kentucky and Addam and Issac from the Pike, and they had a great cookout on both occasions. They also celebrated Bob’s birthday on Mother’s Day; Ana said Bob had actually been born on Mother’s Day those many years (we are not saying how many) ago.

Carolyn and Ivan Green have had company, coming and going, and are expecting a few more on graduation day. Rita and Gary Green are so busy they are meeting themselves coming back.

Frank and Donna Miller came up from Kentucky to attend a baby shower for Shalimar Parker (Mrs. Michael); they are expecting their new arrival in October. Michael and Shalimar are Lisa and Harry’s son and daughter-in-law and Lisa is Donna’s sister – convoluted huh!)

After the shower held at the Ponderosa in Madison, Frank and Donna along with daughter Jeni, came in to visit Mom and have some supper; along came Mike and Mary, then Michael and Jessi with the boys Elijah, Weston, and Landon. We had a nice visit catching up on everyone’s activities since last time. Frank is still limping but will be able to keep his foot and walk, which is a lot more than the doctors expected. Thank you for prayers in my son’s behalf.

Debbie Turner returned safely from her trip to Alaska; I haven’t talked to her yet (but the ‘grapevine’ carried the news) and I know she has lots to tell us about her trip. I know she went dogsledding and rode down a glacier; can hardly wait to hear her tell us about it.

Heard a cute joke the other day:

Pastor: “Say, Deacon, a mule died out in front of the church.”

Deacon: “Well, it’s the job of you ministers to look after the dead. Why tell me?”

Pastor: “You’re right; it is my job. But we always notify the next of kin.”

(This does not refer to any of our local Deacons of course.)

Patty Miller and I got together for our usual Friday RummyKub session; Sarah Keith dropped in for a bit to talk and so did Florence Peters. I stop at the IGA and pick up two doughnuts (yummy), do all the chores I need in town, then go to Patty’s place for the rest of the day. We thoroughly enjoy beating the heck out of each other (of course we enjoy the doughnut too!)

Mary Jane Hankins is moving into one of the apartments near to Patty and is excited (and exhausted) to be getting settled into her new place.

Patty is expecting company from Tennessee this coming weekend just in time for the graduation ceremonies. Daughter Jenny Simpkins’ son Troy is graduating and they are celebrating with a party at the park.

There will be many parties going on this weekend and I hope the weather cooperates with all folks’ plans. Lots of friends and family going on vacations (I am taking care of dogs, cats, and watering plants – traveling is not my thing but I am praying everyone will enjoy themselves and come back safe.)

Not a lot of news out here on the Pike that I have heard but I have been busy trying to keep up with the mowing and weed eating and picking up all the limbs and branches the storms have generously dropped from the trees (I said ‘trying”. Truthfully I am more of a ‘yard keeper’ than a ‘house keeper’ – and as Mom used to say, “That’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

Until next time, my prayer for you is: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God: and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Amen.