Markland News 6-29-17


Hey friends, my grandson, Michael Martin, was home for a little family visit, flying in from Abilene, Texas. He told me that when he left Texas, everything was really brown and dead looking, but when he got home to Indiana, it was like dropping into a tropical rain forest with everything so green and beautiful. Needless to say, he was glad to be home.

All the rain we have had has certainly made everything green; the mowed lawns look like green velvet and the hills are so verdant; they look like artist’s painting. Unfortunately the raging floodwaters, in formerly dry creek beds, have done a number on our roads. Markland Pike has had several places where the creek waters have undercut the road resulting in crumbled edges and one-lane traffic in some places and making it quite dangerous if you happen to be crowded over too far. I am quite sure Markland Pike road was not the only road damaged and the county ‘boys’ will be busy trying to take care of all the damage done by the storms.

Friday morning, coming into town from the ‘Y’, I had a real scare; someone in a small white car darted out of the Friendship Bank’s parking lot and cut right in from of me. By standing on the brakes, so to speak, I was able to stop in time but as I glanced over to the other side, there was a lady in a small red car, waiting to exit Main Cross street, with a horrified look on her face; I am sure she thought she was going to witness a terrible accident. God blessed us both – and she did not see a horrible crash and I did not experience one; thank you Lord!

After church one Sunday (May 28th), I stopped over at Rosemary Bovard’s greenhouse to pick up some short marigolds to outline my flowerbeds. The marigolds not only look nice but they repel several kinds of bugs. Rosemary greeted me saying, “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” We usually see each other at the ‘Y’ pool, in bathing suits…and I didn’t have my Sunday hat on, took it off and left it in the car. Teresa Bovard was sitting on the porch with a grandchild or two. Same deal, no hat, no recognition.

To make a long story short (you know how ‘wordy’ I am), as soon as I found the flowers I wanted and stopped to pay for them, Rosemary said there is something I want to show you. You have seen that ‘little’ cottage by her greenhouse catty’wampas across from Markland church – well believe you me, that is a surprise and a half.

Rosemary has converted it into a beautiful, and quite large, rental unit; it is very rustic but with all the comforts you could ask for. She said she rented it, fully furnished by the night or by the week (call Rosemary); I was truly impressed with all that it contained and by how roomy it is, three double beds and a big living room. Wow, who would have thought all that was behind what looks like a little cottage? Man, whoever came up with that old saying, “Looks can be deceiving” really knew what they were talking about.

Wednesday morning (May 31st) I was driving into Vevay for water aerobics right around seven and I saw the most beautiful rainbow arched over Vevay; it was simply gorgeous. Whenever I see a rainbow it always reminds me of God’s wonderful promises – not just the one about the whole world will not be destroyed by water again but all the rest of His promises and that brings me peace and comfort. God always remembers His children, and loves us – even when we are not ‘good’ children.

Julie Hazeldean and I were talking right after aerobics class one day and we got on to the subject of declining church attendance in rural churches. We thought that small churches ‘dying out’ and ‘casinos booming’ was a terrible indictment on our culture and it certainly does not bode well for the future. We didn’t come to any satisfactory conclusions but it was ‘worrisome’ to say the least.

Drove by the Vevay Mercantile Monday morning and got a heck of chuckle reading their sign, “An apple a day can keep anyone away…if you throw the apple hard enough!” Could be a big waste of apples.

All of the storms have done a number on my orchard; so far, one peach, a plum, and a major part of a red delicious apple tree, have bit the dust. Between the wind and the rain they could not survive. Rabbits are playing ‘hob’ with our garden too. Sam and Cyndi planted cucumbers and melons, and the rabbits took them out that night. Sam put some kind of poison deterrent around the garden and they re-planted the melons and ‘cukes’ – the rabbits paid no attention to the poison ‘moat’ and ate the new melons and cucumber plants. So far, the beans and corn have escaped their attention.

Our Prayer Concern list at church had a lot of praises this past week: Joy Hazeldean was able to come home (to her apartment) from the Nursing home and Howard said she is doing pretty well.

All of our travelers have returned home safe and all said they had a good time.

Julie Hazeldean told us at church Sunday morning that Joy had received a phone call from a friend who told her that Charlotte Kroening had a serious fall and broke a hip at her home in Indianapolis; haven’t heard how she is doing with that problem but please keep her in mind as you talk to the Lord this week. Charlotte has many problems with her ‘bones’ being very weak and with rheumatoid arthritis.

Speaking of bones, Wilma Turner is having a lot of pain from her arthritis with all the damp weather. We went over to Dutch Discount Thursday, before this last bout of rain was due to arrive, and she told me she could just barely get around because of all the pain in her joints. Remember her also in your prayers and any others suffering with joint/bone problems.

Carolyn Green is still having trouble with her leg but the doctor confirmed with tests that it was not a blood clot that was causing the problem…but then he didn’t say what was causing the pain and swelling.

Roger Garvey asked us to remember both he and his mother, Virginia for healing. Roger has been suffering from complications from surgery and Roger said that Virginia is having some undetermined medical problems.

Pastor Bobby’s father, Robert Brundige, Sr., is not doing as well as hoped; he is scheduled for more chemo treatments. He is feeling very discouraged.

Jan Rayles’ cousin, Audrey Patton, is also scheduled for chemo treatments; please remember these folks and their families.

Miss Madison Ledbetter is having some medical problems too; remember her and her family (and the doctors for wisdom in diagnosis) in your conversations with the Lord.

Emmett Church is really happy with his new hearing aids – he can hear. Paulette said he was positively amazed at all the sounds he had been missing; he can even hear the birds singing, from in the house, with the windows closed.

Don’t forget to mention unsaved family and friends to the Lord; time may be growing short, as life does not come with a ‘time’ guarantee.

Many people continue to impress me with their endeavors. Helen Fields (Health Department Nurse) took a piece of left over fabric and made a lovely top that just matched the pants she bought for work (scrubs). I can’t even sew on a button and have it stay attached. These feats impress me.

Betty Lucas is another person who inspires me to do better. Now have you ever seen Betty when she didn’t look like she just stepped off a ‘band box’? She does so much good for our community through her work at the Health Department and always has good word and friendly smile on her face.

God has blessed us with many people in our lives and they can be an example for us.

Several birthdays in July: Melanie Brundige (5th), Reva Bragg (21st), Jessi Martin (22nd ), Elijah Martin (23rd), Donna Miller (24th), and Bethany (Bragg) Armstrong on the 31st. We wish each of you a wonderful day to celebrate your birth and a blessed year to follow; Happy Birthday!

Until we meet again, may God bless you and cause His face to shine on you to keep you safe from harm and grant you heart-peace; amen.