Markland News 6-26-14


Hey friends, by the time you are reading this, we will ending another month (doesn’t time fly when you are having fun) and as Gram Gant would say, wrap it up and put it in your pocket…and think what you have accomplished (or at least tried to.)

Actually we have survived half of the year (well, if you are reading this, I assume you have survived) and it seems like we have come from ‘heating’ to ‘air’ (if you are lucky enough to have it of course.) Keeping up with the mowing is a real challenge.

Speaking of which, mowing I mean, last week I was mowing away (yeah the grass was a little high) and I saw something brown in the grass. I thought maybe one of the kids had lost a football or some such in the grass but when I got a little closer (ok, so my eyes are not what they used to be) I saw two black eyes and a little black nose looking back at me; a little brown fawn with spots down it’s back was lying in the grass.

Which of us was more surprised would be hard to guess. When I saw what it was (after ‘oohing an5 awing’ a bit) I mowed way down around it but the sound of the mower frightened it and it jumped (and I do mean jumped) up and bounced across the yard and into the woods. It was so cute. I did check to see if the mother was around (adult agitated deer can be dangerous) but didn’t see her.

It must not have liked the shorter grass because I found a mashed down ‘nest’ in the flowerbeds a day or two later. Oh well, baby deer are pretty too.

You have heard that old song about “summertime and the living is easy”, certainly that person didn’t have a yard, family, job, garden, etc. to keep up with…and they weren’t a farmer either. You get the idea, I am a little behind in my chores – ok, so I am way behind but as they say, don’t give up on me. I may be slow but, mostly, I get there.

There is a doe that comes up, usually in the fall, and eats the apples that fall off the trees (four apple trees) and all the ones she can reach standing on her hind legs. There are still plenty of apples left for me so we peacefully ‘cohabit’ so to speak. I enjoy watching her.

I share the cherries and raspberries with the mocking birds and I get a kick out of watching them; when I whistle at them, they will perch on a branch, give me a ‘look’ and whistle back. I have been hearing ‘bob white’ quail in the mornings and evenings also as I sit on the deck with my coffee. It is pretty peaceful out here and I love it; God has blessed me, thank you Lord.

A while ago, Ana Slover sent me a copy of a sign she received in an e-mail and we both had a good laugh out of it. Sign in West Virginia: “Welcome to West Virginia – Wild & Wonderful. Entering Wood County. Our citizens have concealed weapons. If you kill someone, we will kill you back. We have “0” jails, and 513 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!” My boys all got a good laugh out of it too; I hope you do too.

WOW! Congratulations to Ginny Leap on celebrating her 50th anniversary at the same job. This is something practically unheard of in today’s world. I was equally impressed with the fact that she has been married for 45 years (to the same man) also rare in today’s world. (In our little part of the world, there are several couples that have long marriages but they are getting fewer and fewer.)

Not only is Ginny still working (and still married) but does so with a smile on her face and a chuckle in her voice; that is rarer still. Thanks for all your help with the column Ginny (without Ginny, probably every name in it would be spelled wrong; I do sincerely appreciate it…and probably so do our readers.) Timex watches and the energizer bunny have nothing on our Ginny!

Great-grandson Weston Martin had another eye surgery last week; he came through it well but he had certainly had his share of eye problems (Weston was born with cataracts and then developed glaucoma) and he is only five years old. Being around him you would never believe he had such problems; he is full of life (constantly) and a regular “Dennis the Menace” personality. He and his brothers, Elijah and Landon, keep their parents (Michael and Jessie) hopping, not to mention their grandparents, Mike and Mary Martin.

Our sincere condolences to Jan Hazeldean on the sudden loss of her mother, Lillian Surline. Jan has been taking care of her for several years ever since her father passed. Debbie Turner, Jan and I were just sitting out on the deck visiting Thursday evening and Jan was telling me that her mom had had a heart attack but was recovering quickly and was due to be released from the hospital Friday. Lillian did get released but before she could leave the hospital, she had a relapse of some kind and went home to the Lord.

We have several folks on our ‘Prayer Concern’ list and we entreat you to add your prayers for them to ours: Weston Martin (and his parents), Melissa Park’s father fell but is recovering well (you know when us old kids fall down, it takes a while to get over it even if we don’t break anything), Pastor Bobby’s dad (Bob Brundige) is struggling with chemotherapy treatments, Conner Freed (a young boy having surgery for brain tumors at Children’s Hospital), Paulette Barnes (some medical problems), Joy and Eldric Hazeldean, Mary Davenport, Dion and Kym, Unsaved family and friends, Howard Bragg and family, All our travelers (and this week there are several), Unspoken requests (God knows), Noah Stevens is having some oral problems, and for all those seeking a ‘closer walk with the Lord’ (not the permanent six feet under kind of course…the daily kind.

We praise the Lord for His manifold blessings and that Emma Brundige is feeling much better (her parents Bobby and Mel are so grateful – I am sure every parent with young children can relate to that feeling.) Melissa Park is celebrating her retirement; Melissa was so excited Sunday morning at church letting us know that tonight (Sunday) was her last day at work. We all shared her happiness; congratulations Melissa!

Heard from my friend Dee Wells in Florida and she is doing well but said it hotter than the south side of you know where down there. I told her she didn’t have anything on us in the weather department.

Ana and I finished reading the neatest book called “Murder She Barked”; naturally there are lots of animals in it and a pretty good mystery. It is well written, and if you like pets, and mysteries, you would probably enjoy it. It is at our Vevay library.

The girls (Ana, Carolyn, Rita, and I) finally got together for a Bridge game Thursday; it was at Rita’s house and she had prepared a lovely luncheon. Everything was delicious as you would expect. She had prepared chicken salad and used cream cheese instead of mayo, along with the other usual ingredients, and also just a touch of cumin. It was really good and I want to try it myself. She said she thinned the softened cream cheese down with a little milk to get the right consistency. I know we all enjoyed it and also had fun trying to get ‘back in the groove’ with Bridge. I don’t think that there was one of us that didn’t ‘goof’ up a play or two, which produced a lot of laughter.

Rita has grandchildren visiting with her for the next couple of weeks and Carolyn has something going on at her house so it will be a bit before we can get back together again for Bridge.

I believe I must have been complaining about something because I got this card from my niece Kris in Tallahassee which said: “There are lessons we can all learn from cats…Like, when life gives you crap, just bury it and forget about it!” Not a bad philosophy when you think about it. Dwelling on something doesn’t usually make it any better.

Praying about it usually helps me, and remembering that, “With God all thing are possible.” (Matthew 19:36) God and I don’t always agree on how something should turn out but He is older than me and probably knows best. Just kidding, when I finally turn it over to God, I know His way is best. I can only see the ‘short term’ solutions but He sees the whole tapestry and where all the threads need to go to make the ‘picture’ right.

“Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding…” is a truth to live by. Easier said than done, as Gram used to say, but with the help from the Holy Spirit, it does get easier. Sanctification (growing more Christ-like) is a progressive thing; you don’t accept Christ as your Savior, read the Bible, and become perfect. It is a lifelong journey with many hills and valleys (and I stumble a lot) but I know, by God’s grace, my eternal destination. I pray you do too.

Until next time, may the Lord watch over you to keep safe from harm and bless you with His peace; Amen.