Markland News 4-24-14


Hey gang, praise the Lord, I am back; I was so grateful to be home (if I thought I could get back up again), I would have bent down and kissed the ground.

Dee (the lady I was visiting in Brooksville, Florida) had a most successful spine surgery and we want to thank everyone for their prayers in her behalf; she was in terrible pain before the surgery and after, had almost no pain at all. She is ecstatic with joy over that. Anyone who has suffered back pain will surely understand.

Weren’t we blessed with wonderful weather for Easter? Christmas is the birth of hope and Easter is the assurance of that hope; hope for all eternity for all who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. He promises to accept all who come to Him, sincerely with repentance for past sins, no matter how rotten you think you are; He will accept you (after all, He accepted me so I know there is hope for you.) He will not cast you out.

During morning church services (which were fantastic), Howard Hazeldean sang the most beautiful song, [I just blubbered – I don’t know what it was called but it ended with “forgive me, forgive me”.] Pastor Bobby gave a thought-provoking and reassuring sermon. Joy and Eldric Hazeldean were able to attend and it was just great to see them again.

After church, Patty Miller and I went down to Mike and Mary’s for a lovely dinner and family visit. Jessie and Michael Martin with sons, Elijah, Weston, and Landon, livened up the afternoon, although Elijah wasn’t feeling very good. Kim Martin with son Dion Cannon came in and Josh Carr dropped in to eat before going on to work. When most of the ‘crew’ left for home, Patty, Mike and Mary, and I, sat out on the back porch and just talked and laughed enjoying the fantastic weather, until early evening; it was wonderful. We were stuffed full.

Ana Slover and Debbie Turner came by soon after I got in and brought me a beautiful pink hydrangea for my birthday; it is so pretty. Debbie said she will have a ‘grand re-opening’ of her Ridge-Top Shop on Saturday, May 3rd, and that I should come down if I needed anything. I have such wonderful friends.

I got a card from Juanita and Jack Brown wishing me a Happy Birthday (Juanita was born on the same day as me, April 8th, and always drops me a card and note. Belated Happy Birthday to you too Juanita; hope you (and Jack) had a great day.

Ana and Bob Slover recently celebrated 58 years of marriage. Congratulations ‘kids’, here is hoping for a lot more. Ana is ready for the Bridge games to start again (she said it has been a lo-o-o-ng winter.) I told her as soon as I got rested up a little (and could plow through the house – teenage boys do not make the best housekeepers [not that I am that much better] and I need to find ‘stuff’, then I would work on getting a game together. I asked Josh to take care of the cats and don’t burn the house down while I was away…he managed that; so I’ll just ‘wrangle’ the rest, bless his heart, Josh is a good grandson.

Talked to Wilma T. and she told me that she is having knee surgery in May; she wasn’t exactly sure of the date; she said daughter Rita Jones would keep her on the ‘right date and time.’ Wilma is doing pretty good except she can’t walk but a few steps and that means she can’t get out and around – that irritates the ‘pickle’ out of her. Keep her in your prayers please. She said all the ‘kids’ have been helping her out and granddaughter Stacy stops by almost every evening after work. Can’t beat a good family.

I was sitting out on the deck one warm afternoon and looked over at the Parker place (neighbor) and saw little Riley out on the drive with their little dog Luke (Mama Cassie was close by) when the school bus came by. Riley, squealing and laughing, and Luke barking, took off down the driveway to greet big brother Trevor and sister Abby as they got off the bus. It was the cutest thing you ever saw; I just chuckled over it.

Carolyn Green sent me a joke that I am still laughing about. It seems a little boy was standing in the foyer of a large church staring up at a plaque with names and small American flags on it. The Pastor noticed him standing there staring at the plaque and told the little boy that the plaque commemorated the men and women who had died in service. The little boy trembling and with a barely audible voice asked the Pastor whether it was the 8:15 service or the l0:30 service. Can’t you just see it?

I am still very tired from the long (much too long) trip to Florida; it takes us ‘older kids’ longer to recover than the ‘young ones’ from just about anything, especially a long trip away from home so I am going to ‘hang it up’ and I’ll get with you later…I promise.

Until then, I pray God will keep you in His loving care. Amen.