Markland News 3-1-12


Hello friends, hope you are keeping warm, as Mom used to say, “It colder than a well-digger’s fanny in the Klondike” out here on the Pike, as I am writing this.

Last week I told you that the WMU (Women’s Mission Union) would be meeting on the first Monday in March (the 5th) but Melissa Park told me Sunday morning that was incorrect; the WMU will meet on Tuesday the 6th at 6:30 at the church. They will be planning several ‘mission’ projects for the year and all women are welcome Melissa said.

Lots of stuff has been happening among family and friends this past week. Received the sad news that Mike Miller’s brother, Bo, passed away; the memorial service was held Friday afternoon at Maple Grove Cemetery (located just below Hooven, Ohio.) Bo and his wife ‘Wheatie’ [Louise] lived in Hooven for many years.

The Miller family has roots in Switzerland County going back to early in this century (son Frank Miller has a picture of a couple from then – out near Pleasant I think.) Mike’s parents Drucilla (better known as Jenny) and Charles Miller had nine children, six boys (Howard, Bo, Frank [my son Frank’s father], Mike, Tom, Dennis) and three girls (Fern, Ann, Emma.)

Bo, Frank, Tom, Fern, and Ann, are now deceased (many of you will remember Ann [Miller] White from working at the shoe factory and other places around Vevay.) Howard, Mike, Dennis, and Emma are still with us but Mike and Emma are in poor health. Do keep them and the rest of the family in your prayers this week.

There are several other grieving families in our community and our sympathy goes out to each of them. It is always a heartache to lose a loved one, at any age, and from any cause. May God grant each of you comfort and strength through this terrible hardship; our prayers are with you.

Some very good news too, granddaughter Jessica Ledbetter (Mrs. Rodney) had a brand new baby girl, Cyndi Jo, arrived (finally) Friday the 24th at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison; mother and baby doing well but baby is a little jaundiced and goes back for a checkup on Tuesday.

Cyndi Jo was 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches long with a head full of dark hair. Grandma Cyndi Carr said she had chunky little legs and arms and was really cute. Congratulations to you Jessica and Rodney; Cyndi Jo joins big sister (actually she is tiny – one of those ‘pixie princess’ types – I should have said older sister) Madison. Jessica told me that Madison just loves the new baby – at least, so far. Thanks go out to everyone that said a little prayer for them.

Speaking of thanks, Juanita Brown wanted to express her gratitude for everyone’s prayers for husband Jack. Juanita dropped me a note saying that ‘nothing beats prayer’; Jack is now cancer free,  just goes back for annual checkups. Unfortunately, as he went out to feed the birds one morning, he tripped over a log, fell backwards and seriously hurt his back – which sent him back to the hospital for X-Rays and treatment – so still keep him in your prayers please.

Tabitha [Turner] Johnson (Alton Turner’s daughter – Wilma’s granddaughter) suffered two heart attacks in a short period of time and was treated at a Louisville hospital. Wilma said they put in a stent; Tabitha has damage to the bottom of her heart and when I spoke to Debbie (Alton’s wife), she said that Tabitha was doing well and should get to come home in the next day or so. Tabitha is Stacy Turner’s sister and Stacy and life-partner Billy Stearns, have been at the hospital with Tabitha.

Bridge was at Rita Green’s home last week and as usual, she had a lovely tea laid out, which was much appreciated by Ana, Debbie, and me; the card game was fun too. Carolyn Green couldn’t attend; remember last week I told you that she was getting much better – well she had a relapse and had to go back to the doctor. Remember her as you talk to the Lord this week also.

Congratulations to Barbara and William Barnhill on celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary on the 24th. I asked Barbara if they had big plans for a celebration and she said they might go out to lunch.

Congratulations also to my granddaughter Kym Martin who is attending the Empire Beauty College in Florence, Kentucky (she graduates in March.) Kym won the theatrical make-up competition at the school and is now qualified to compete in the National competition in Hershey, Pennsylvania (which I think she said is coming up in the next month or two.) Good luck to you Kym in all your endeavors.

Talked to Dee Wells (my friend in Orlando, Florida) Friday morning and she told me that she has to have shoulder surgery on March 8th; remind the Lord to care for her as you speak to Him please. Dee is also having severe problems with one of her feet and they do not have an accurate diagnosis yet; they think it may be a form of crippling arthritis. These problems have put our cruise plans on hold for this year but like she said, “God willing, there is always next year.”

Speaking of shoulder surgery, I talked to Donna Miller (Frank’s wife) Saturday and she told me that she is doing better (she sounded pretty much ‘medicated’ to me though) I am not sure she is actually feeling anything with all her pain medication. Donna is a very upbeat kind of person; she said Frank was taking good care of her and she goes back to the surgeon Thursday for a checkup. She also told me that her granddaughter Bailey Sue Skidmore (my great. – Kristi and Curtis’s daughter) had a bad case of strep throat. Man, when it rains, it seems like it pours sometimes.

She told me that Frank is due to take his ‘tower crane’ – hands on test this coming week – hopefully. He was supposed to take it last week but the winds were too high. A ‘tower crane’ is the crane that sits up on top of buildings. Frank was a crane operator on the river and when the river was high, he couldn’t work; now it is the wind that affects his ‘potential’ job. Do speak to the Lord about Frank and Donna and Bailey Sue too please.

With all of the excitement Friday, I missed aerobics and Spanish; Robin Hochstrasser graciously dropped off my homework for me; thanks Robin.

Howard and Eldric Hazeldean are both doing better (Howard’s voice still sounded a little deep Sunday but he said he was okay.) Joy Hazeldean is having some health problems now. Debbie Bruce (James’ wife) was sick Sunday – James told us he thought ‘it’ has passed through the whole family (or is in the process) now and he hoped that was the end of it.

Judy Judy said that Shannon Judy was doing much better but still keep Robert Judy in prayer. Jan Rayles told us that wife Gayle’s mom, Lavinia Mueller (in a Cincinnati nursing home), has developed some more health problems. Jan’s mom, Louise Rayles, is in Swiss Villa; they have their hands, and hearts, full. Paulette told us that Emmet Church was having good success with one health problem but was not doing as well with another. Mary wanted us to remember her sister Judy Adams; Judy is having serious health problems also.

You all remember I told you about Pastor Bobby asking for prayers for his boss, Micah Childs and his wife (they were the ones that had pregnancy complications with triplets.) Two of the children are doing well but the smallest one is not. Remember this young family and also Bon Church who is having medical problems.

On our prayer concern list also were unsaved family and friends, service personnel and their families, unspoken requests, for our ‘shut-ins’ (Louise Rayles, Vandora Bennett, Mary Davenport, and Bob Baatz.)  Shyla Prince wanted us to remember Jeri Thromm too.

Kyle Perry was at work Sunday but left me a note to carry on with what he was saying last week, “God created”. Genesis 1:1 says that, “In the beginning God created…” In Romans 1:20 we read, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse.”

You may say, well I already know that, so why is this so important? First you must know who created everything and the answer is given also in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (The Word is another title for Jesus.)

Also in Colossians 1:16-17, “For by Him (Jesus), all things were created that are in heaven, and that are on earth, both visible and invisible,… All things were created through Him and for Him.”

In today’s society, we are constantly being bombarded by the theories of evolution, black hole, big bang, etc.; the  main goal of these theories is to have us believe that God did not create all things – it just happened.

Why do they want to take God out of creation? The true answer is sin. They love their sin and believe that if God is out of the picture then they are not responsible for their sin – it is just nature at work.

But there is a God who created all things and surely God has laws that must be obeyed. Even in nature, we see laws at work. They take God the Creator out, because they do not want to obey His laws. I’ll have more on this subject next week until then, peace to you.

Kyle loves to study scripture and likes to share his thoughts with others; check it out for yourself and see what conclusion you come to.

Linda Scott and I were talking one evening last week about recipes and she told me it was hard to come up with good tasting recipes for her husband who is diabetic. I was thinking that there are a lot of folks in our community that have diabetes and maybe some of them have good recipes they might  share with us.

 If you do, drop me a line (if I write something down over the phone [I just know you will have trouble believing this] sometimes I get it screwed up) at 10128 Markland Pike (47043) and I will share them with our readers. I will try them out here at home first; I don’t have diabetes, thank God, but it is a very healthy diet – even if what I have had so far is kind of boring eating, or just plain doesn’t taste good – only my personal opinion of course. Send me a good recipe or two, neither exotic nor expensive please – just plain stuff like ‘real country’ folk eat if possible.

Dottie Keaton (Mrs. John) had a ‘confrontation’ with the top rail of farm gate that kind of made her see ‘stars’ for a while. Dottie said it was muddy (imagine that) and she was being careful where she placed her feet so she wouldn’t fall and forgot to watch out for the rail. She is okay though which speaks well for her general health, attitude, and recuperative powers. Dottie is a regular at water aerobics and lives an active lifestyle.

Wilma T. has been battling a cold (or sinus) stuff for a bit and it has slowed her down some; she sent Anthony after milk Saturday and that is unusual for Wilma. Her normal thing is to jump in the car and take off and get whatever she wants; she told me that in the past six or eight months, she has slowed down considerably – even stays home in the daytime now. To that comment, I must add, occasionally she stays home in the daytime.

Sunday afternoon, Mary and Mike Martin hosted a dinner party with Marci Leap and me attending; the younger Martins were supposed to be there to celebrate Weston’s birthday but they hadn’t shown up before I left – it was my nap time. Mary had a wonderful tasting turkey with trimmings and we all agreed it was delicious; we were all stuffed with all the good food (I must admit, I did save room for ice cream and cake though.)

We want to send out birthday greetings to: Betty Williams (24th),  Master Weston Martin (26th), Judy Judy (28th), Louise Rayles (March 3th), and to Gayle Rayles on the 6th. We wish each of you a day filled with love and laughter (and lots of good food) and a year filled with God’s sweet blessings of health and heart-peace; Happy Birthday to each of you.

Until next week, I pray the Lord will cause His face to shine on you, to bless you and keep you safe from harm; that in His love and mercy, He will grant you heart-peace. Amen.