Markland News 10-31-13


Hey friends, hope this finds you doing well. Here it is the last of October (actually by the time you are reading this, it will be November) and the year is flying by faster than that redheaded kid can snowboard through the pipe.

Halloween is over and preparations for Thanksgiving are in full swing. Christmas lights and music are starting to show up in various places. I am reviewing my cookie recipes and thinking about the big dinner menu. I don’t know why I bother because I always serve the same things; that is a fib, I do know why I do it. It is the delightful anticipation it brings me of the gathering of family and friends and the food I will serve to show them I love them.

Here is an easy Christmas cutout cookie recipe (course you don’t have to wait for Christmas.) Two and a half cups of flour, one-half tsp. baking powder, one-quarter tsp. salt, one cup butter, three-quarters cup sugar, one egg, one and a half tsp. vanilla; whisk dry ingredients; beat the butter and sugar until fluffy, then add the flour (little at a time.) Separate the dough into two disks, wrap in plastic wrap and chill (at least four hours or overnight.) Work with one disk at a time (leaving the other in the frig), roll out and cut into desired shapes and bake at 350* for 10 to 12 minutes (depend on your oven, some are hotter than others); bake until very lightly browned. These taste pretty good and are easy to work with.

On the 20th, we had a wonderful Gideon speaker at our church, Lary Jones (Itsy’s husband) and he brought a very interesting message; our Sunday school class was still discussing it the following week. I was a little saddened that so many of our congregation was absent the week Lary spoke and they missed it, about a third of us were missing.

Melissa and Marty Park were camping; those two really love to travel and camp; Melissa told me that even their dog likes it.

The Dickerson family was returning from Florida where they took advantage of the autumn school break of son Jacob.

The Kuypers and Strouds celebrated four family birthdays all day Saturday (and much of Saturday night) with a big family gathering; they just couldn’t make it Sunday morning.

Jeanne Bragg was in Chicago; Rusty gave her the trip as a big 5-0 birthday present. Jeanne loves Chicago and has many friends there.

Patty Miller was in Tennessee visiting ‘kinfolk’; she is back now and said she had a wonderful time but was grateful to be home again. (Us older kids do travel as well as we used to for some reason or another.)

It was Matt Bruns Sunday to work, so he was missing.

Bobby and Melanie with daughter Emma, went to an island off the coast of Florida with Mel’s folks, Tracy and Jim Harcrow (they flew in from Washington [state] and Mel asked us to keep Tracy in prayer because she is terrified of flying.) They stayed a week and Bobby said they had a fantastic time; the temperature was about 75* the whole time.

Peggy Eckerty was somewhere else but that girl is so busy I just can’t keep track of her doings.

I can’t remember who else was missing but I do remember they missed a wonderful message from Lary Jones and am thankful that all have returned safely.

Birthdays in November (that I know of) are as follows: Alton Turner on the 3rd , Cyndi Carr on the 12th, Tully Anderson on the 18th, Matty Anderson on the 21st, and Tracy Dickerson on the 29th. May God bless each of you in a very special way on your special day; Happy Birthday.

During that little cold snap we just had (cold enough to freeze water left in buckets on the deck), the furnace went out. I called Greg Sigmon that Thursday and he said he couldn’t get here until Monday (cold weather is ‘heating’ specialists busiest season and you are blessed if they can get to you in a week.) I told him not to hurry as I had the fireplace upstairs and an electric blanket downstairs.

Now maybe just like the hurt that goes away from a tooth as soon as you get to the dentist’s office, the cotton-picking furnace started working again Saturday (after calling Greg) and worked just fine Sunday. I left word on Greg’s machine Sunday afternoon that it was working again. Maybe, now just maybe, my furnace is ‘infected’ with a poltergeist like that computer (years ago) named ‘Hal’, ha.

Debbie Turner (Mrs. Alton) has been doing some work on the house now that she has closed the shop (Ridgetop) for the season. She painted the kitchen and dining room a soft eggshell with a purple trim for accent and it looks great. She also painted one accent wall in a bedroom a dark chocolate and it looked really good too.

Rita Green, Ana Slover, Carolyn Green (Carolyn and Ivan have been working on their house too), and I have gotten together for a few games of Bridge but haven’t been able to hit a regular schedule yet due to one thing for another.

Ana is going great guns with the healing after her shoulder surgery (her P.T. practitioner says she is way ahead of schedule); she has taken over the cooking again (now that she can lift a pan) and you know that makes Bob happy (truthfully not only because he doesn’t have to do the cooking anymore but because Ana is healing so well.)

Wilma Turner was back for a checkup at the Health Clinic last week; she told me that the pain had subsided somewhat but she can still ‘forecast’ a weather change better than the TV weather folks can. She laughs about it but it is no joke to have severe arthritis.

We have several folks on our prayer list this week: the Bruce family (loss of father) and the Zinener family (loss of a child) and the Furnish/Griffin family (loss of mother), Eldric and Joy Hazeldean are not doing well, Mary Davenport, Mel’s brother Baker Harcrow is being deployed overseas for special training, Dion Cannon, Michael and Jessie Martin, Rachel Chatham (surgery scheduled November 7th), Charlotte Kroening (eye surgery November 7th), Nancy Turner (Peggy’s co-worker with lung problems), Debbie Bruce’s mom, Peggy Eckerty’s sister and family (severe medical problems), Nicky and Mark Littleton, Wilma Turner, Emmett Church, and unsaved family and friends.

God knows every person, every problem, and every solution; we commit all these to His loving care.

This Saturday (November 2nd) at 6 p.m., Julia and Howard Hazeldean are hosting Markland Baptist annual Hayride at their farm on Markland Pike. Along with a spooky hayride will be a wiener roast, and most probably, som’ores (they taste just the same whether you spell them correctly or not.) Everyone is invited.

The kids are all ‘revved’ up for the Hayride and very soon they will start practicing for the Christmas program. I am excited too, Christmas carols are the only songs I can remember the words to and I always love to experience the story of the first Christmas again. I am sure it is no surprise that Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

The coming of Christ, the birth of hope for all people, is the story I never tire of telling. Of course you do not have to wait for Christmas to receive the joy of the Savior; He is always available and, unlike humans, always willing to accept and love you, no matter how rotten you have been.

Until next time, may God watch between me and thee and keep you safe from harm.