Markland News 10-26-17


Hey friends, I do believe ‘fall’ is falling; leaves are turning their lovely fall colors and even the temperatures seem to be getting into the act. The mulberry trees have about three leaves left on them and the walnut looks like a ‘Halloween type’ Christmas tree – no leaves but lots of balls hanging from bare twigs and branches. Kind of odd looking; who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

This year’s weather has animals and plants confused, not to mention me. Flowers are still blooming (my clematis just put on more beautiful blooms, usually a late spring flower and the roses are still putting out new blooms) even though all the food plants have been harvested out of the garden and orchard, canned and in the pantry. Puts me in mind of the old saying, “Man plans, God laughs!”

Debbie Turner, Ana Slover, Carolyn Green, and I, finally got together for a game of Bridge at Debbie’a house last Thursday, kind of felt like we ought to wear ‘name tags’, it was so long since our last game. I had to really concentrate to count to 13 again (number of points needed to open a bid.) Truth be told though, I have never been overly endowed with mental acuity, actually I seem to remember one comment being, “Dumber than a box of rocks!” and that was from a friend, haha!

Went down to Patty Miller’s place to play our Rummykub game last Wednesday (doctor’s appointment on Friday so we had to change our ‘play date’, ha) and as usual we had a good time. Florence Peters stopped in for a minute; she was getting ready to go to Madison to a doctor’s appointment (she has several tests scheduled.) Emma and Jake Wicky dropped in to visit for a bit; they used to be neighbors of Patty when she lived in the country.

Emma caught us up on all the news, someone was getting married (Patty needed to find a big ‘sucker’ for a wedding present – traditional joke) and another friend was having a baby. Emma and Jake were working nearby and took the opportunity to visit an old friend.

Friday I went to the doctor and got a good report; my heart seems to be doing what it is supposed to do but he didn’t like my blood pressure being so high so he adjusted my medication. I don’t have to go back until March 13th, 2018, and that is only for a heart echo (to see if technology agrees with his examination results.)

Patty was staying out to Mindy and Roy Otter’s place, watching the boys (Fall Break) and Butch and June Colgate came down from Cincinnati to visit with Patty while she was out there. She said they had a good time and they taught her a new card game; she thought they called it “Intimidation” but wasn’t sure but said it was fun.

The Martins, one and all, are back from Arizona (Mike, Mary, Michael, Jessi, Elijah, Weston, and Landon) and are enjoying being home for a while. They have lots of chores to catch up on but I am really glad to have them home safe, at least for awhile.

Spoke to Genevieve Sloan the other day; she was coming out of the ‘Y’ as I was going in. She told me she had been to the Pain Clinic in Madison and her treatments were really helping her overcome her pain, even to the point she could now come back to water aerobics.

Reva Bragg is scheduled to go to the Pain Clinic on Wednesday of this week; we are all hoping she will have a similar success as Genevieve. I stopped in to visit with Reva Sunday after church (she could barely move out of her chair) and then I hopped over and visited with Patty (she was dog-sitting at daughter Jeanne’s [right next to Reva’s place] while Jeanne and Russ were working.) Patty and Reva both teased me about my ‘outrageous, but gorgeous big hat (I was still in my church clothes.)

This weather is making me want to cook up a big pot of mush (American speech for Italian ‘polenta’) which is great on cold mornings. Cooler weather always puts me in a cooking/baking mood – Patty and Reva said it’s about time (I usually share my culinary efforts with them.)

Speaking of which, Julie Hazeldean made a delicious cinnamon coffee cake and brought it to church to celebrate ‘Pastor Appreciation month’; we had coffee/tea/cocoa and cake. We also had a couple of new families visiting our church and it was so nice to have more folks in the pews.

Nancy Ledbetter was able to come and brought granddaughter Madison with her; Mike and Mary Martin were there but Roger Garvey was not, hope he is not ill. Nancy is doing much better but the doctors have still not come to a complete diagnosis, so she is still taking tests.

We had several on our Prayer Concern list this week: Nancy Ledbetter, Roger Garvey, Paulette Barnes, Robert Brundige (chemo treatments), Audrey Patton (also taking chemo treatments – Audrey is Jan Rayle’s cousin), Nolan Lange and family, continuing to remember those in our community that have lost loved ones, Reva Bragg, Patty Miller, Unsaved family and friends, Sheila Shaw and family, Joy Hazeldean, Elaine Hazeldean, Folks facing employment problems and/or testing problems, victims and their families of all the weather catastrophes all over the country (fires out west, storms in south, etc.) We also had several praises on the list: safe return of our travelers, Pat Miller and Nancy Ledbetter’s good doctor’s reports, a wonderful Pastor and his family, lovely weather and the joy in our gathering, thank you Father!

“Be anxious or nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the ‘peace of god’, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6and7) and…Casting all your cares on Jesus, for He cares for you. (I Peter 5:7)

On the lighter side, a church ‘Search Committee Report’ on several candidates being considered for ministry positions came up with these possibilities:

Adam, a good man but has problems with his wife. Also one reference to how he and his wife enjoy ‘skinny dipping’.

Noah, prone to unrealistic building projects.

Joseph, a big thinker, but a bit of a braggart. Believes in dream interpreting, has a prison record, and has been accused of adultery.

Moses, a modest and meek man but a poor communicator – even stutters at times and sometimes blows his stack and acts rashly.

David, the most promising candidate of all until we discovered his affair with his neighbor’s wife and his kids are out of control – worse yet, he’s a proponent of upbeat musical expressions. (More next column – the search continues – and you thought you had problems.)

Until next time, May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe from harm and grant you a peace that passes all human understanding, amen.