Compiled by Mavis Uhlmansiek Celebrating the history of Ohio County and Rising Sun



March 7th, 1968

  Trophies were awarded Friday night for the annual model car contest sponsored by Lorey’s Ben Franklin Store which began January 1st and ran through March 1st. This year was the largest contest with 154 entries which were displayed in the windows of the store. The contest was open to anyone regardless of age and there was not a limit as to how many one person could enter but only one winner per person was allowed. Winners receiving trophies in the class up to age 13 were: First place, Dennis Niccum; second place was Bill Gannaway; third place was Dale Lester. Receiving ribbons were fourth place Steve Fletcher; fifth place Mark Curry; sixth place James Walcott. Receiving trophies in class 14 and older are: First place, Russell Ryle; second place, Jim Wallace; third place, Jeff Kinnett. Receiving ribbons were fourth place, Leonard Teke, fifth place, Bernie Wallick; sixth place, Paul Pal.

  The Rotary Club will sponsor a spaghetti and pizza supper Friday, March 15th at the United Church of Christ Fellowship Hall. Prices are $1.25 for adults and 75 cents for children under 12 years. Serving will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Proceeds will be used for Rotary projects some of which include sending a boy to Boys’ State, sending two boys to the World Affair Institute in Cincinnati, sponsoring a Little League ball team, and giving towards the Ohio County Community Scholarship Fund.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: “What are we going to do with our garbage” It is the most controversial question today in communities throughout the nation — and Rising Sun — Ohio County is no exception. In a way, it’s rather ironic that our modern day living has created such a problem. However, the things we consider conveniences, such as, tin cans, pasteboard, and plastic containers, must be disposed of, as well as the millions of newspapers and magazines. It is estimated that the average family disposes of about 85 pounds of garbage per week. And in another 30 years this volume of kitchen waste and sundry household trash it expected to increase about four times. That’s a mountain of refuse! With no place to discard it, a crisis of disaster proportions which surely occur. Despite efforts to sanitize garbage, deodorize it, and mechanize its disposal, it will still have to be handled much in the same way. There is no intention of simply moving this bad condition some other place. Therefore, the operation of a sanitary landfill has been proposed by the Chamber of Commerce. A large piece of ground is being sought since the U. S. Public Health Service recommends the use of an acre of ground per year per 5,000 inhabitants. Everyone agreed that the city dump must be closed. However, opposition to the use of various sites has been expressed. Those opposed apparently fail to understand the difference between an open dump and a sanitary landfill.

  Births: born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Baldwin, a daughter Mary Beth born February 25th weighing nine pounds five ounces.

  Army Private Larry E. Young, 20, completed nine weeks of advance infantry training February 23rd at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The course, which simulates Vietnam conditions, includes training in such subjects as land navigation, communications, patrolling, guerilla and survival techniques plus qualification with infantry weapons.


March 7th, 1918

  Thomas Hegenbarth, for sometime employed as salesman in Baxter’s Grocery, has purchased John Uhlmansiek’s grocery and meat market. Mace Riggs employed by Mr. Uhlmansiek will remain with Mr. Hegenbarth.