Lohide wins Commissioner primary

  It was a quiet primary election for the Switzerland County Democratic Party, which saw only one major contested race.


  It was a quiet primary election for the Switzerland County Democratic Party, which saw only one major contested race.

  — There is one seat on the Switzerland County Commissioners, District 3, and on Tuesday incumbent Mark Lohide defeated challenger Jack Asbury by a vote of 347-123.

  Lohide, who currently serves as the President of the Commissioners, won 11 of the county’s precincts on his way to Tuesday’s big win: Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig I, Craig II, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, Pleasant II, Posey I, Posey II, and York; while Asbury won Pleasant I by one vote, 8-7.

  In other Democratic Primary races on Tuesday:

   — In County Council races:

  • In District 1 (Jefferson I and Jefferson II), Dana Griffin received 123 votes.

  • In County Council, District 2 (Jefferson III, York, and Posey I), Steve Lyons received 100 votes.

  • In County Council, District 4 (Cotton I, Cotton II, and Posey II), former councilman Jeff Darling received 87 votes to defeat Dusty Higgins, who received 28 votes.

  — Each township is also electing a Trustee this November, and in Tuesday’s Democrat Primary:

  • In Cotton Township, incumbent Barbara Bowling received 60 votes to defeat challenger, Jennifer Scudder, who received 54 votes.

  • In Craig Township, Jack Mathews received 45 votes.

  • In Jefferson Township, incumbent Wade Hughes received 151 votes.

  • In Pleasant Township, incumbent Jim Wingate received 38 votes.

  • In York Township, Vicky Hinman received 27 votes to defeat Devin Scudder, who finished with 22 votes.

  — For County Auditor, Trenton Ricketts received 382 votes.

  — For County Assessor, Stacey Mathews received 383 votes.

  —For County Sheriff, Cory Hankins received 138 votes.

  — For Prosecuting Attorney, incumbent Monica Hensley received 375 votes.

  —The Democrat Party did not have a candidate in Tuesday’s primary for the following races: Circuit Court Clerk, County Council in District 3; and Posey Township trustee.


  In the Township Advisory Board races:

  • In Cotton Township: Brenda Shaw received 94 votes

  • In Craig Township: Linda Andrew received 33 votes and Lynda Spiller received 26 votes.

  • In Jefferson Township: Carol Ann Sublett received 118 votes and Don Stout received 105 votes.

  • In Pleasant Township: David Christman received 36 votes.

  • In Posey Township: Lulu Belle Thomas received 23 votes and Mark Jones received 21 votes.

  • In York Township: Michael Beatty received 37 votes and Larry Turner received 32 votes.