Livestock Auction caps fair with record total of $265,375


   This year’s Switzerland County 4-H Fair was again a record-setter, with a total of $265,375 brought in at this year’s auction.

  There was a total of 171 animal projects available at the auction, with an average overall sale price of $1,551.90.

  In 2022, the auction brought in $242,500 for 163 projects, an average of $1,487.73.

  Once again, community businesses and individuals stepped up and supported the 4-H members.

  • First into the show arena on Saturday afternoon was the sheep species, with 20 market lambs bringing a total of $21,400.

  That number was lower than normal because the Grand Champion market lamb exhibited by Faith Everroad did not sell.

  The Reserve Grand Champion lamb was owned by Braydon Archer, and was purchased at the auction by Chandler Chevrolet/Chandler Select.

  Overall, the lambs brought an average of $1,070.

  • Next came the rabbits, with 15 projects bringing a total of $12,100 — an average of $806.66.

  The Grand Champion meat pen rabbits was exhibited by Kendyll Walker, and was purchased by Car Country/Tom Tepe.

  Ethan Harbert’s Reserve Grand Champions were purchased by Kelso Properties.

  • The steers followed the rabbits into the show arena, and this year there were 24 projects that brought a total of $96,100.

  That’s an average of $4,044.17.

  This year’s Grand Champion steer was raised by Kellen Griffin, and it was purchased by Chandler Chevrolet/Chandler Select.

  Brianna Stow had this year’s Reserve Grand Champion, and Bear Branch Supply was the successful bidder at the auction.

  • Next came the poultry species, with a total of 23 poultry exhibits bringing in $15,350 at the auction for an average price of $667.40.

  That average price was lowered because the Reserve Grand Champion, shown by Sorren Russell, did not sell.

  Sorren also raised the Grand Champion poultry project, and it was purchased on Saturday night by Chandler Chevrolet/Chandler Select.

  • Levi Curlin had this year’s Grand Champion swine project, and it sold on Saturday night to a combination of buyers: the Rising Sun Vet Clinic, Travis Miller Construction, and JAM Construction.

  The Reserve Grand Champion was raised by Emily Miller, and it sold on Saturday to buyers representing Bear Branch Supply, Rising Sun Vet Clinic, and Clearwater Simmentals.

  Overall, the 36 market swine projects brought in a total of $67,900 — an average of $1,886.11.

  • The final species into the livestock auction arena on Saturday was the goats — and with 53 projects, it was the largest category of the auction.

  Overall, the project brought in $52,525, which was an average of $991.04.

  Grant Hall had this year’s Grand Champion meat goat, and it sold to the Switzerland County Republican Party.

   The Reserve Grand Champion project was presented by Macy Collier, and her goat sold at the auction to Lindsay Construction.