Lisa Fisher, Council At Large


Lisa Fisher is a Republican candidate for Switzerland County Council At Large. She resides on West Market Street in Vevay; and is married to Jerry Fisher. They have three sons: Jared Schroeder, Jerry Fisher, Jr., and Evan Fisher; and a daughter: Natasha McMillin. They also have four grandsons and two granddaughters.

Fisher is a graduate of Switzerland County High School and has a “Master’s degree in life”; and is the co-owner of Fisher Real Estate, LLC, and says that she’s “currently trying to retire but can’t seem to stop buying buildings in need of some love.”


Why are you running for office?

The reason I am running for County Council is my concern with how we spend our tax dollars. It bothers me that our county is in debt. I have always been one to voice my opinion on issues. It’s time I step up and help out.

What are your qualifications?

I’ve been self-employed since the age of 21. I understand how to balance a check book and choose where best to spend for the most return. I believe with my experience in building businesses and running them I can make good financial decisions that will help our county pay off the debt and plan for the future.

What would be your priorities?

My priority would be to help develop a plan to pay off the county’s debt. Many of our county entities do a very good job in their specific departments. It bothers me that our revenues are so tight because of the debt. Once that is taken care of, it is my hope that there will be monies available to give to the various organizations that help our county.

What makes you the better candidate?

I believe that I am the better candidate because of my experience building business. If I don’t understand something I’m not afraid to ask, or tell someone no when it is not in the taxpayer’s best interest. When have chosen Switzerland County to be our home, I care what happens here. I truly believe I can help out, if the voters choose to elect me to County Council.