Letters to the Editor week of 9-9-10


Zoning update

To the Editor:

I do not have any updates in regards to upcoming meetings or the current status of the comprehensive plan (if you do, please let us know), but I do have a couple of interesting things to share.

Last week I had an enlightening phone conversation with Ronald King, a resident of Salem County Indiana. Mr. King has been fighting his counties comprehensive plan and has an earful to share about how bad it can get when an overreaching plan like ours is enacted and in full effect. I am thinking of inviting Mr. King to come and share his experiences this fall. Let me know if you would be interested in attending this meeting so I can get an idea of what turn out we could expect. Mr. King has a film he would like to present as well. If anyone has an idea for a meeting place please let me know. This meeting would be open to the public and we would love for the commissioners, Zoning and planning board and city council members to attend as well.

I have been informed that Robbie Smith is running for commissioner this fall. I received his contact info and was told he would be happy to speak with me. However, so far, I have been unable to reach him but have left messages on phone numbers given me. We would also extend an opportunity for Robbie to attend this meeting and address the citizens with his positions, particularly related to a SC comprehensive plan, and comprehensive planning in general.

Tracy Weber has set up a Facebook site where we can all keep in touch and discuss issues. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Switzerland-County-Citizens-Advisory-Committee/141658645845276?ref=ts

I know we are all very busy with family, jobs etc, but we hope that you can check in from time to time to keep abreast of issues and submit your ideas and concerns. I have also set up a forum on tribe.net which a few have signed up for. If there is interest I will keep this site up, it is really up to you. It is required that you join to contribute, but only minimal information is required. Here is the link: http://tribes.tribe.net/switzerlandcounty

It is my desire that Switzerland County residents will come to see the connection between our recent comprehensive plan and sustainable development initiatives going on nation wide, starting in Santa Cruz California and spreading throughout the country. It is my conviction that being educated as to what is going on is our best defense. I would also like to see our group work together to insure that those elected to county positions truly represent the views and values of the populace of Switzerland county residents. If you are like me, you hardly know these people or what, if anything, they stand for.

I think it is time we started to find out as “I have lived in the county all my life” is really not a basis to expect our vote any longer in my view. I would love to hear your thoughts!  

Dan Christopher

Rosenberger Road

Email: mynameisdan49@gmail.com

Phone: 812-427-2136

Freak accidents

Dear Editor:

Last week the boys varsity soccer team was playing Southwestern in a game at Switzerland County High School. With 17 minutes to play in the second half we had a player go down on the ground hurt, hit to the ribs and the young man was in a lot of pain. EMS was called to the scene to transport the player to the hospital. Now with everyone watching and praying that the young man was okay and about 20 minutes in the incident, he was taken away by squad to King’s Daughters’ Hospital, everyone praying he will be okay. Game resumes and with approximately four minutes left a Switzerland County player going for shot at goal collides with the goalie coming out to grab the ball. The neck of the player goes backwards and he is down on the ground face down. Unable to move his neck and shoulders he lies motionless on the ground.

As coaches come to him he tells them he cannot move his neck at this point. And let me tell you as that child’s parent, I was scared to death. I made my way to him on the field, asked him some question and said call for another squad. He to was transported to King’s Daughters’ Hospital.

Now with two players hurt and taken off the soccer field our team, coach and fans were in disbelief that this has happened. Immediately the story had hit facebook and text messages like crazy and we received numerous of kind words from everyone who knew Richie, prayers were sent out for both boys. As we left the field coach Grigsby humbly fortified the last four minutes of the game for those two boys. Ii have heard from numerous people who weren’t at the game asking if it was a rough game and where were the referees, to let it get that out of control that we had two player sent to hospital.

Well I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t a rough game by far, referees did a wonderful job at calling this game, and what had happened were two freak accidents that just happened, nothing malicious from Southwestern, just two teams playing hard and playing with heart. I just wanted to let the public know that the game wasn’t as bad as it appeared. And just so everyone knows, the prayers worked, both boys were treated and released and should be back on the field playing real soon.

Thanks to Coach Grigsby, Mullens, Todd, and to the EMS crew who transported, and to all the concerned folks who asked about the boys. We have a very good and aggressive team. Keep up the good work, Pacers!

Richard Lay

East Enterprise

(soccer parent)

Aftershock program

To the Editor:

I wanted to let everyone know that Aftershock is up and running. We have over 50 registrations turned in and have been averaging approximately 30 students a day. A great start. I am writing now to offer all of you the opportunity to truly make a difference. To affect the graduation rate, to connect with students, to help in the social responsibility we all share of youth development, and most of all to let at least one child know that they live in a community that cares.

The Aftershock program runs from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Would you be willing to give just 2.5 hours per week to assist a young adult in their personal advancement? In order to keep the ratio low and truly build the mentoring relationship that we all know is so important, we need your help. Any time you can give would be appreciated. Volunteer applications are available at the Switzerland County YMCA front desk.

 Aftershock mission statement:  To provide opportunities for academic enrichment and social development through projects that assist youth in personal advancement.

Lori Singer