Letters to the Editor week of 9-30-10


Proposed mosque

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on your “To the Point” article concerning the proposed mosque at Ground Zero published September 16th.

You make some very valid points concerning freedom of religion and the right of Muslims to build this mosque. America exists today because our forefathers had the desire to practice the religion of their choice. The blood of thousands of American soldiers who fought, and continue to fight for our many freedoms, lies stained upon the earth for all eternity. Yes, these people have every right to build this mosque because our Constitution allows it. But does this make it the right thing to do and is it really harmless?

While the nightly news pundits argue the “right to build” versus “common decency”, whether the Imam supports Hamas or is a 911 “Truther,” whether it’s being funded by Iran, Hamas or Al Qaeda, or whether this mosque is being built as symbol of conquer, I keep asking myself this question: What happened to my rights as a red-blooded American Christian?

“Reciting Lord’s Prayer prompts lawsuit by ACLU, Jewish resident.”

“ACLU Sues to Prohibit Military Prayer and Crosses in Federal Cemeteries?”

“ACLU sues N.J. town over Lord’s Prayer.”

“ACLU Calls For End To Mandatory Prayer at U.S. Naval Academy.”

“ACLU Targets ‘Jesus Christ’ and Christian Prayer at Hawaii Legislature.”

“ACLU of Ohio Declares Victory in School Prayer Case.”

“Florida Principal and Athletic Director Face Criminal Charges for Praying.”

And let’s not forget this one. “ACLU sues over Muslim prayer limits at federal prison.” It seems a government organization filled with Muslim prisoners deserves the right to pray but a government organization filled with our American children, do not! And would someone like to explain to me why the State of Texas Department of Education has to vote today, 9-24-10, on a resolution to keep pro-Islamic/anti-Christian language out of their children’s school textbooks! Whose rights are being violated?

The God-fearing, Jesus Christ and America-loving American, gets sued for putting up a cross, praying at school, praying at work, using “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, using “Jesus” in our organizational prayers and for putting up an American flag that violates a subdivision ordinance. Our Bibles and Flag get desecrated daily, but a threatened public burning of the Quran by a Florida minister warrants a call from the Secretary of State and a national televised plea by the President! Again, whose rights are being violated!

You point out that, “freedom is 24 hours a day; seven days a week; 365 days a year,” that, “whether we like it or not, we cannot pick and choose who gets to enjoy our freedoms and who doesn’t,” and that we, “may not like it, but it comes with living in a free country.” All I see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is my religious freedoms being taken away. And no, I do not like it! But what I dislike even more is that our Constitution is being trampled upon by lawyers and politicians and that the “free country” our soldiers died to protect, is only free for those who are not Christians.

I agree it would be improper to link all Germans to the Holocaust, all Japanese to Pearl Harbor and all Muslims to 911. However, the Germans have not tried to build a monument honoring the Nazis next to the site of a Jewish concentration camp, nor has Japan erected a Buddhist Temple at Pearl Harbor. Just because the building of this mosque may be constitutional and legal in our country, does not make it humane. It also does not make it harmless. There are Muslim radicals whose goal is to spread Sharia Law across the world. Christianity is underfire on all fronts as exampled above. So if the “legality” of this issue is a person’s only argument in support of this issue then I guess they will also support the stoning execution of the Iranian woman for committing the “horrific” act of adultery – since it is “legal”, under Sharia Law.

Troy Smith

Planning origins

To the Editor:

Switzerland County Neighbors:

This Thursday September 30th from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Community Building of the Switzerland County Fairgrounds, there will be a video presentation on “What is Wrong With Comprehensive Planning”. The presentation will be about last about 55 minutes and will be about the origin, purpose and dangers of Comprehensive Planning.

Following the slide presentation Ron King from Salem will briefly discuss his county’s comprehensive plan followed by an invitation for Robbie Smith to explain his positions in running for County Commissioner. We also have invited KC Banta and Robbie Smith to speak at the end and share their positions in regards to their candidacy for office.

Refreshments will be provided.

Dan Christopher


Great response

To the Editor:

The Switzerland County Elementary School teachers and staff should be recognized for their efforts during a medical emergency last Wednesday. A young boy sustained a traumatic injury on the playground that required a scene flight from the school to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. The teachers, nurse, and other staff quickly called 911 and tended to the student.

Their swift action and description of the injury allowed local EMS and emergency responders to develop a plan of action prior to arrival onscene. The patient care prior to emergency responders arrival was excellent and for that, the teachers and staff should be commended. Members of East Enterprise, Jeff-Craig, Patriot Fire Departments and SCEMS assisted in patient care and landing zone setup.

Knowing that the school system was able to work quickly and effectively should be very reassuring for those of us with children in the system.

Chris See

 On behalf of Local Emergency Responders

Sold out

To the Editor:

Ever wonder if Hoosiers have politicians who protect “our” freedom first? Well, if you are 18 or older and you are an outdoorsman who hunts (deer or turkey), you will never again be part of a “true opening day” again. Our “fish/game” has created “youth seasons” (nonresidents love those hunts most) and use modern weapons ahead of our primitive gear.

“E-mail” the governor and demand youth seasons be “resident only” and guns be used after 30 days of bow season like other adjoining states. We Hoosiers created our wildlife numbers and we can manage them without losses to non-residents. What happened to adults taking their children hunting during regular seasons?

License sales are the “X” factor here? Vote!

Abraham Hall

Mt. Sterling

Switzerland County

Baseball woes

To the Editor:

I read Mike Cooney’s column on the Reds/Cardinals brawl in the September 23rd edition and I have a few comments.

First, is Mike aware that nothing would have happened if Cardinals’ catcher Molina had just stayed in his crouch and gotten on with the game instead of getting in Phillips’ face? Maybe Brandon was wrong in calling the Cardinals whiners in an interview but what followed the altercation seemed to prove the statement true. And is Mike aware that, apparently, as the brawl was winding down Cardinals’ pitcher Carpenter threw a racial slur in Dusty Baker’s direction and things heated up again? This according to articles I read in other papers and on the Internet.

I don’t know how long Jason LaRue’s contract has to go but this year was not a good one for him way before the altercation and I think last year was not a good one either. Perhaps that had something to do with his decision to retire and he’s just trying to drum up some sympathy. And unless I’m mistaken the Cardinals manager was calling it a concussion even before the doctor. Interesting.

Cueto’s reaction, and I think that’s really what it was, was in response to a number of factors, including being pushed into a fence by 30-40 other players. One of the ballplayers commented later, on Johnny’s response to his situation, that many times in brawls opposing players will just “happen” to go for pitchers’ fingers. That could also have been on his mind.

I’m sorry for the injuries, I can’t remember the last time I saw a fight break out at a baseball game, but LaRue went into the fight on his own and has to take some responsibility for what happened. Perhaps Carpenter and his mouth should be held accountable, too.

Re the minor league game. The Chiefs’ pitcher threw the ball at the dugout, not at a fan. The judge was way out of bounds on that one. And if that holds, how about fans who throw beer and beer cans/bottles onto/at opposing players? We could go on and on.

I agree totally about the maple bats. I would have to ask some very hard questions as to why it has taken Commissioner Selig so long to do anything. Bat handles are getting thinner and thinner, players are getting stronger and stronger, ash bats did well for more years than I’ve been around. Go back to what works.

Barbara Maness