Letters to the Editor week of 9-3-09



Dear Editor:

I was shocked to learn that the Vevay High School Alumni has been unable to find a repository for the class pictures and other memorabilia of VHS!

I understand that none of the present members of the Switzerland County School Board are alumnus of VHS. However, they should realize that each student of VHS from 1863 through 1968, as well as the students who attended Patriot High School, helped make the fabric of what is Switzerland County today. They should be honored; not forgotten.

The photos are nicely framed and the Switzerland County High School should display them proudly so that they can be seen by historians and genealogists as well as the alumni.

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without roots.” – Chinese Proverb.

Wilma Lohide

Near East Enterprise

VHS Class of 1946

Timely message

To the Editor:

Thank you Pastor Adam Griffin for bringing such a timely message this past Sunday at the Swiss Wine Festival community church service. It is time for Christians to come together in love as we look forward to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We thank God for you and all the pastors in our “cool” town.

Jenny Burton



To the Editor:

This letter is addressed to all family and friends of Barry Marlman. Our friend was diagnosed with Squma Cell Carcinoma which is a big word for cancer. He had surgery to remove part of his tongue and lymph nodes in his neck and face. He had several surgeries, radiation and medical procedures and the doctors were hopeful they had removed all the cancer, but in early August the doctors discovered another tumor on the floor of Barry’s mouth.

They scheduled surgery to remove the rest of Barry’s tongue and his jaw. This would have left Barry the inability to speak or to swallow. Barry and his wife Kay did a lot of soul searching and Barry decided to cancel the surgery and make the most of the time he had left.

Barry said he wanted everyone to have a party in his honor. We said how about a celebration of your life! So on Saturday, September 5th, we are going to celebrate Barry’s life at Glenn Bovard’s cabin on Adams Road in Bennington. (There will be signs.) We will have music, food and fireworks. All you need to bring is a lawn chair and whatever you are drinking. If you want to bring a tent or a camper that’s fine. Call for directions or information to Teresa or Carla at Homestead Realty, 427-3491.

Teresa Lyons

Carla Van Norstran