Letters to the Editor week of 9-23-10


Right on

To the Editor:

I hope everyone reads the Editorial that appeared in the paper on September 16th. It is very right on and to the point.

Good job, Pat . . . you said what many are feeling about the subject. I especially like the paragraph that if it is sacred ground, then it needs to be above reproach.

Thank you.

Sharon Peelman

East Enterprise

Fix this problem

To the Editor:

I would like to address this letter to dog and cat owners in Switzerland County.

At this time my husband and I are fostering six puppies because the overworked staff at the animal shelter has far too many dogs for the space. We are only one family among several who, because of the overcrowding problem, are fostering puppies; puppies that would never have been born if the owners had responsibly fixed their adult dog.

While we always hope these dogs and puppies will find a loving, forever home this does not happen s often as we wish. The dedicated staff at the shelter works very hard to find people to adopt these dogs. The shelter has to work within a limited budget while they go through this process and the more dogs in the shelter the further the budget is stretched.

This budget is coming from county taxpayers’ money so it only makes sense from a financial point of view for the taxpayers of Switzerland County to get their pets spayed or neutered to prevent so many having to be housed at the shelter. Also for every animal that is not lucky enough to find a forever home and has to be euthanized the shelter is charged an individual fee by a certified vet for this service.

The county council provide a fund for vouchers to help defray the costs of a spay/neuter in an effort to help curb the rising costs of the shelter. It is my hope that people carefully consider the responsibility of having a dog or a cat which includes having the pet fixed so they will not be taking these unwanted puppies/kittens to the shelter. The shelter will always be needed, but a huge part of the overcrowding problem would be alleviated by responsible pet ownership.

Tara L. Flint