Letters to the Editor week of 9/13/07


Bible project

Dear Editor:

I would like to let the community know that the project of sending Bibles to South Africa has been a total success.

Thanks to all the donated Bibles and all the money that was so kindly given by individuals and some of the area churches, these Bibles have been shipped and have been received.

Andrew Ross “Peace Corps Volunteer” in Bushbuckridge Village, South Africa, has taken photos of the people there receiving these Bibles and we will have photos in the paper upon his return. The people receiving the Bibles expressed such joy and appreciation for such beautiful Bibles. Thanks again to all who made this possible.

Barbara Ross Fletcher


Proper recognition

To the Editor:

I have never before written a Letter to be published in our county newspaper. I do, however, feel the need to respond to a letter in this past week’s paper.

Please give credit where credit is due. Blue Ribbon Schools, 4-Star designations, gendering classes in the Middle School, and a nationally recognized FFA program should be credited to our Teachers.

Many other points that were made concerning free textbooks, school tax rate, and debt service payment are all due to the fact that there is a school endowment and Belterra.

I am not proud of the School Board. I think the job they have done deserves a poor grade.

Margaret Ann Riley

Near Moorefield

Giving credit

Dear Editor:

I have read the response from Mr. Caddell and feel that he has overstepped his boundaries by claiming he and the Board of Trustees accomplished all that he listed. All I can say is shame on him and the board for claiming these victories for their own. As I looked over the field of accomplishments I was stunned by him taking credit for things he nor the board had anything to do with.

Let me start with the two Blue Ribbon School and the three 4-Star schools. These accomplishments are a result of hard and dedicated work by the staff in those buildings and the students receiving their education there. They are the ones that accomplished this, not the Board of Trustee and not Mr. Caddell. I am truly appalled as are many people I have spoken with, that these individuals have taken credit when none of them even taught those students or took the tests for these kids. Let me say job well done to the faculty at these fine buildings. I would like to say thanks to these buildings as a parent and as a taxpayer.

Secondly, the sports sectionals – true, we have not held them for nearly 50 years, but let me say this was not the board’s doing or the superintendent’s. It was the vigorous campaigning of the athletic directors, principal, the coaches and the student body. So once again I applaud these individuals.

Next, let us discuss the FFA program. Now are the board members and the superintendent the ones that go to the meetings and work in the community endlessly? Mr. Caddell and the board apparently go and participate in the contests instead of the students and put all the long hours in that Mr. Curlin has done for many years now. Thank you members and sponsor.

Finally, let us discuss the textbooks. Yes, I understand that the school system has a member or two that sits on the endowment board but please, it’s not t heir money that has been set aside to assist the corporation with expenses. This money is given to us through Belterra Casino and the taxes it pays to our school corporation. A big thank you to the county council and commissioners for setting up this endowment for our children and schools.

I know many people felt this way and want to say something and hope that you would speak up and let your voice be heard. I would like to ask anyone wanting to talk to me about these or any other issues concerning the school system to contact me at home. My number is 427-2767.

Lowell Reynolds


“Taking Ownership”

To the Editor:

I have noted the emerging dynamics of Switzerland County, and the current forces that are shaping its future. First generation residents and entrepreneurs are active in civic affairs alongside those with ancestry. The completion of Exit 55 off of I-71 and the Belterra Casino/Hotel are leading to waves of discovery by those outside the County-uncovering the secrets of this wonderful place. These are factors of change, and the County cannot afford to remain unprepared for it.

I list some questions that the citizens of this county need to consider. How will rapid growth manifest itself in Switzerland County? Will the new jobs be for our residents, allowing our grown children to live here? Will it restore our town centers, or lead to their demise? Will affordability issues become more critical or will we capture resources to remediate blight and poverty? Will we preserve our history and small town character?

Those fearful of change are staying at home. Those who want to manage it have come to our town meetings and are formulating a new comprehensive plan and set of public policies for Switzerland County. Those who participate in this process can claim to own this plan…as it truly becomes theirs. Since initiating these workshops on June 16, public officials and citizens are experiencing a direct dialogue as equals. We welcome all to become active.

One of the last opportunities to participate in this process is presented by the public meeting at Ogle Haus on Saturday, September 15, at 9:00 a.m. That issue agenda includes two critical areas of concern: the management of growth and the identification and remediation of blight. You can familiarize yourself with the progress made thus far by referring to (the website). I then invite you to meet your neighbors, including those who make policy. Come share in plan making and a hearty brunch!

Dr. Bruce Frankel

Professor of Urban Planning, Ball State University

Indiana City Corporation, consultants to Switzerland County