Letters to the Editor week of 8-5-10


Great job

To the Editor:

I really appreciate the beautiful flowers which adorn the streets of our little river town of Vevay. Thanks to all who have any part in the project – from planting to their care. It takes work and dedication.

Patty Works


Staying alive

Dear Editor:

I commend you for your recent “To the Point” column about supporting local business. Local business owners working hard to keep our doors open in these times of financial uncertainty, depend on local patronage, for sure. But that is not all that is needed in order to fill the vacancies and keep Vevay’s Main Street alive.

We must remove the yoke of multiple layers of government regulation that threatens the survival of small business in our country. This year along congress has passed two bills totaling over 5,000 pages of new rules and regulations that will do nothing more than crush the entrepreneurial spirit that built the USA. Add to that the 100’s of new autocracies these bills created, all to be paid for by higher business taxes. Why do you think the federal government sees the need for 12,000 new IRS agents but can only 1,200 Guardsmen to protect our border?

Kip Meyerhoff