Letters to the Editor week of 8-25-11


Remembering Amber

To the Editor:

Please don’t grieve now that I’ve left your side, there’s a peaceful place where I now reside. My life on earth is gone it’s true, but always know I’m still with you.

This year’s Swiss Wine Festival commemorates the one-year date of Amber’s passing, which was August 30th and on the 26th she would have been 23 years young. How fitting, it was her favorite time of the year.

A lot has happened in this year. Down in Florida, more restraining orders are being granted to keep women like Amber, safe in their fight against domestic violence. She is making a change, a big one. Even though Amber is gone, her legacy still lives on. Whether it be in people’s thoughts and hearts, or the various places you may see purple ribbons on cars, or purple armbands on people’s wrists. She’s making a difference, just as we had hoped.

We are in the process of establishing a scholarship given to one of the members of Switzerland County High School’s up and coming graduates. We have teamed up with the Swiss Wine Festival and this year’s annual cornhole tournament proceeds are now to go toward that matter. In doing this, we’re hoping that some young adult will look to follow in Amber’s footsteps toward his or her degree, making her scholarship just one more blessing to a family with a loved one like her.

We miss you Amber and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of you. Everyday is a constant struggle to get by without you, but, your smile and God’s will alone, push us along. Continue to watch us and guide us and know that down here in Vevay, we have one of the best communities in the nation to support us, and we also thank everyone for that. There is no place we would rather be.

We do ask that at the Swiss Wine Festival, if you were a friend or family member, or if you knew her or even if you didn’t, please show your support for Amber by wearing purple somewhere on you. We are progressing everyday to make the right changes. We couldn’t have done it without your help and we appreciate everyone who has. Have a great weekend, enjoy the 40th Swiss Wine Festival, and “Remember Your Purple.” May God bless you, and go with you. Gone but never forgotten.

With maximum appreciation:

The Family of

Loni Amber Lynn Turner

Strobe light

To the Editor:

Has anyone noticed a difference in the night sky over Vevay? It is coming from the communications tower on top of Knox Ford Road that usually has a red blinking light. The high intensity ultra-bright strobe lights coming from the tower are an eyesore to many residents.

We have heard neighbors say it has bothered their sleep, shines in yards on the hill and downtown, and can be seen for miles around.

We called the 800 number on the tower. It took several tries to get help, but we did get someone to say it must be malfunctioning. The official said they couldn’t believe no one had complained sooner.

Please take a stand against this pollution of our skies. The more calls to this number, the sooner the blaring lights will be turned back to the less obtrusive red lights at night. Also, a phone call to the local zoning boards might get laws on our community’s books against these high intensity lights that can become permanent if not monitored.

The number for this tower is 1-800-487-7483. The ID for this tower is IN 14313. There are plenty of bright lights coming from Kentucky. Let’s do what we can to stop this from happening to us. Have a voice and make a call.

Ed and Dawn Ransdell

Rader Lane, Vevay

Tree tragedy

To the editor:

This week marks the one year anniversary of my daughter, Amber Turner’s, tragic death. Family and friends will be remembering Amber this week, and working to raise money at the Swiss Wine Festival to create a scholarship in Amber’s memory.

Last year, a group of family and friends came together to purchase a tree in memory of Amber. That tree was planted in the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park as a lasting tribute to my daughter. This year, we had all planned to gather around Amber’s tree for a memorial service.

My father has taken a special interest in the tree, visiting it often to see that it’s being properly cared for.

This week, when he went to the park to check on the tree, he found that it had been uprooted and was gone.

He checked with Kirk Works of the Swiss Wine Festival, who told my dad that the tree was in the way of the festival, and had to be taken out. He also refused to tell my father where the tree was.

Seeing how upset my father was, I contacted Kirk Works, who told me that he had a contract, and that the tree had to be removed.

When I told him that the tree had been planted in memory of Amber, he told me that he didn’t know that, but that we should have followed the proper channels in planting something in the park. I then asked him why he didn’t follow the proper channels for having a tree taken out of the park, but got no answer.

I checked with Mohamed Moussa, who is the President of the Vevay Park Board, and he told me that he was completely unaware that the tree had been removed. I also checked with town hall, which was also unaware. I was also told that no one in town hall knew anything about a ‘contract’ that meant that the tree had to be moved.

Although I appreciate Kirk Works calling me back to talk about the situation with me; he informed me that he “was on a tight schedule” and that he had things to do to get ready for the festival to start.

I feel that this was a very insensitive thing to do in pulling up the tree. Even if he didn’t know that the tree was planted in memory of Amber, I feel that he should have checked with the park board or someone before simply pulling it up and moving it. It is a community park, not just some place to hold the festival.

Amber’s memory lives on in the hearts of minds of all of those who love her; and her memory will be honored this weekend for her birthday and also for the anniversary of her death; but I feel that to simply pull up a tree because it was in the way of something to do with the Wine Festival is a poor way to operate. Someone should have taken a few moments to make a phone call and find out about the tree before it was removed.

Amber’s memory; her family and friends; and this community deserves better.


Cheryl Dixon,



To the Editor:

I, and everyone in my department, want to welcome everyone to the 2011 Swiss Wine Festival.

During this busy time, festival goers are reminded to be cautious of unusually high traffic congestion. Also please be aware that Main Street from Vineyard Street to Walnut Street must be cleared of vehicles no later than 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Any vehicles in this area after 8 a.m. will be towed at the owner’s expense.

A few things to keep in mind during this weekend, keep your vehicles locked, and secure your valuables elsewhere. Don’t give a thief an opportunity.

While we want everyone to enjoy the festival please remember that officers will be out in force, and that you will be sharing the roads and streets with your friends, family members and neighbors.

Anyone with concerns, or crime tips, can contact the Vevay Police Department at 812-427-3737.

James Richards, Chief

Vevay Police Department