Letters to the Editor week of 8/23/07


Good job

To the Editor:

The members of the Vevay Town Council told me at their August 13th meeting that they would take care of the grass across the street from my home, and they did on August 20th.

I thank the Council for making the 500 block of Main Street look good. It has been an eyesore.

Nola Towles


Good teacher

To the Editor:

Susan Jill Cord who teaches English at the Middle School claims her First Amendment right guaranteeing free speech was violated.

Free speech can come with a high price. I think Jill Cord already knew this but cared enough about the education of our children and the school system that she took that chance.

May 2nd, 2006 William and Jill Cord had a meeting with Candis Haskell and the superintendent in his office. They wanted to discuss issues of public concern. After only 20 minutes they were asked to leave his office and school property. They then tried to schedule another meeting. Mr. Caddell called the police.

The Cords had been speaking as citizens and taxpayers of the county.

On May 3rd, 2006, Jill Cord was given a poor evaluation and suspended for insubordination. Why?

May 16th, 2006, the high school principal recommended that Susan Jill Cord’s teaching contract be terminated. Why?

May 22nd, 2006, she (Susan Jill Cord) was told her teaching contract was in jeopardy. Why?

As I said free speech can come with a high price.

I spent around 20 years in and out of Jeff Craig School. I knew all the teachers including Jill Cord. She was and is an extraordinary teacher, a teacher with a high degree in knowledge and skills, a teacher who really cares about our children’s education.

Teachers are the backbone of our schools. The school board and superintendent should welcome any issues or concerns they have. They are in the schools each day with our children. Teachers know what problems need to be addressed and what changes need to be made.

If they speak as an individual or teacher, they do it because they care. They should not be afraid their teacher’s contract will be terminated. In the end it will be our children who suffer.

Thanks, Susan Jill Cord, for caring about our schools but most of all our children’s education.

Barbara Ray

Near Mount Sterling