Letters to the Editor week of 8-11-11



Dear Editor:

Sunset on the Ohio, a favorite TV show, morning coffee on the porch are all satisfying to the comforts of living. But nothing compares to the soulful reward of visiting with long-time-ago friends.

Recently I spent a few hours in Patriot, the town near where I lived for 17 years, to autograph copies of my latest book. What a treat it was to reminisce with some I hadn’t seen for a such an extended time.

To those who stopped by, it was really great to see ya, and to those who couldn’t make it, I hope there’s a next time.

 Chuck Klein

Formerly of The Goose Creek,

Patriot V.F.D., S.C.S.O.

and the Vevay Kiwanis Club



To the Editor:

The Switzerland County Assessor’s office will be sending (Tax Assessment) Form 11’s out on Monday, August 15th. Please take time to review this form and if you don’t agree with the assessment you have 45 days from this date to file an appeal on this assessment at the county assessor’s office in the Courthouse in Vevay.

Since we are sending out the Form 11 you will not be able to appeal your assessment when you receive your tax statement next spring. So please take the time to look it over and if you have questions please call the Assessor’s office at 812-427-4410.

Thank you.

Joan Armstrong

Switzerland County Assessor

Welcome back

To the Editor:

The Vevay Police Department would like to welcome back the students of Switzerland County. We hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and is ready to get back into the books.

We would like to remind everyone that they need to drive safely at all times. Wear your seat belt, pay attention to your speed, watch out for other drivers, and a reminder Indiana joined a number of other states by banning the dangerous practice of texting while driving (Indiana I.C 9-21-8-59).

We also want to remind students and teachers of the law enforcement tip line. Without the great help, knowledge and Awareness of our great citizens we would not be able to do what we do.

Have a great year and prepare yourself for the future ahead.

James Richards

Vevay Police Chief