Letters to the Editor week of 7-30-09


VHS Alumni

To the Editor:

Thanks to Pat Lanman for his “To the Point” editorial about his class reunion that ran July 23rd. If you haven’t read it, be sure to do so.

I am relating his school reunion with that of Vevay High School, that had its last graduating class in 1968. We know that our Vevay High School was replaced with Switzerland County School Corporation.

I have some bad news for you, Vevay High School Alumni. We are decreasing in numbers at a rapid rate. The last two years we have lost 50-plus alumni.

We are fortunate that w e have some alumni members who are very reliable when it comes to attending the annual Alumni meeting. There are more alumni who have never attended a reunion than those who have. We have no young members to speak of who attend.

If this trend continues, Vevay High School Alumni will be canceling its annual meeting some year soon. Just as Mr. Lanman said of his school, “the ones who live in t he area are not coming.” (Last year we had an alumni from Washington State, two more from Texas.) You should be ashamed of yourselves – Switzerland Countians.

If you are not interested in the meal, come anyway. If you don’t eat the meal there is no charge. Enjoy meeting with your old classmates. We have many classmates who join with us who choose not to eat.

The Alumni is not about eating lunch. It’s about fellowship with people you have not seen in years. It’s about keeping our Vevay High School Alumni alive. It’s about having fun. In 2004, I accepted, as my responsibility as an alumni, the office of president. I have never regretted my decision. But my six years of service is nothing when you learn that Joy Pavy Briggs has been working for 25 years or more to keep our alumni alive.

We are not generating new Alumni. We need a few minutes of your support. Come, have a great time, meet old classmates. I know Walter Lambert is planning to be here and he is expecting to see all of his band members present. Demerits for those not present.

Meet with us this year on Saturday, August 29th, immediately following the Swiss Wine Festival Parade, at the Switzerland County High School.

We have a great collection of VHS memorabilia. Pictures of classes, individuals, sports pictures, and lots of grade school pictures on display. We are constantly looking for anything pertaining to all the old Switzerland County grade schools and VHS. If you have anything you wish to donate bring it along. Copies can be made and originals returned to you.

I hope to see you at the VHS Alumni meeting this year. Be true to the red and green.

Bill Roberts

VHS Class of 1954

Mobile food pantry

To the Editor:

Our first mobile food pantry was a learning experience. The Freestore Foodbank, in cooperation with the Switzerland County Food Pantry at Quercus Grove United Methodist Church, provided approximately 50 pounds of food for each of 150 families. This included orange juice, chickens, bread, produce, many cans of vegetables and fruits, etc.

Volunteers were a little overwhelmed with the heavy boxes and steady demand of work flow. Carrying 50 pounds to their vehicles was a big job too. We had good helpers and support with tables and supplies. People from the FSFB assisted us.

We also know now that future “mobile food pantries” will be scheduled at various times and not each month. Preregistration will be required, meeting government income guidelines, and using a ticket FSFB provides along with picture identification.

Our normal food pantry at Quercus Grove United Methodist Church the third Sunday each month from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. will not be involved in preregistration for the mobile food pantry. Preregistration will be scheduled at another time. Please watch your newspaper for times.

Your patience will be appreciated. We are learning as we go. It is a lot of work and w e could use more men who can lift boxes. No tickets will be available at the regular food pantry.

Lew Gordon

Food Pantry Chairman

Quercus Grove UMC