Letters to the Editor week of 7-14-11


Thanks, volunteers

As the newspaper comes out today the 4-H members are excitedly hurrying to and fro getting their exhibits entered to be evaluated by the judge – be it arts to vet science. It is also time to remind ourselves that it is that judge’s opinion today. This day is but one day of a year – long commitment of the youth, the parents and adult volunteers who work tirelessly to see growth in skills, exploration of new interests, and achieve goals.

– Thank you, fairboard members, who work year round to build a quality 4-H program and host a plus-fair.

– Thank you 4-H club leaders for you commitment to develop life-long relationships with the youth of our community. Thank you for helping each one develop leadership skills, an awareness for community service, and friendships.

– Thank you various special project leaders.

– The Bug Group- intense frequent workshops to practice identifying insects, fun experiences like an evening of catching, or “tasting” insects. This young group won area contest and did very well in the state contest this year. (Their work is in the Exhibit Hall.)

– The Tractor Driving Project- several evenings were spent learning the parts of a tractor and /or garden tractor, safety awareness, and driving skills. I need a few of those lessons on backing a wagon and Oh, yes, getting off the tractor correctly. (This Contest is Monday at 1 p.m.)

– The Horse Project- several practices were canceled because of rain, and there is a lot of individual work done at home. However, the workshops on safety and showmanship/horsemanship skills were well attended, informative and encouraging for the youth. (This show is Sunday at noon )

– Our largest project group is our Shooting Sports with almost 70 youth involved. I can’t imagine a more responsible role for an adult volunteer than teaching our youth respect and correct skills for firearms. Each instructor must complete an intensive week-end of training and be certified for each discipline they teach be it pistols, rifle, shotguns, archery, or muzzle-loaders. If this is an interest of yours come and talk to us about receiving your training. If this project continues to grow will need more qualified volunteers. (This demonstration/contest is Friday, July 22nd, at 9 a.m.)

Looking over our program and the committed level of volunteers we are indeed fortunate to be a part of the Switzerland County 4-H program. If you could put a money value on one hour – we have 55 approved volunteers and the going rate is $17.25/hour equaling $948.75. However, we are talking hundreds of hours of immeasurable caring – priceless.

Ginger Furnish and Kyle Weaver

Purdue Extension Agents

Volunteers needed

To the Editor:

When you come to the Swiss Wine Festival each year, have you ever given any thought to how in the world the whole event gets pulled off? The answer: Volunteers. Every year local residents and out of town guests come and enjoy the Swiss Wine Festival but do they really realize the countless ours put in to make this event happen. Planing for each year’s event begins as soon as the previous year’s festival is over.

This event is a community event and that’s where you, as volunteers, come in. The Swiss Wine Festival is once again looking for volunteers to work during the festival with setting up and running the different events. If you have a particular event you would be willing to help with, stop by or call the festival office and they can get you in touch with the right chairperson. All volunteers are greatly appreciated. Just a few hours of volunteering can make a difference by lightening the load.

Again this year the Beer Garden is looking for volunteers to bartend and help with operations in the Beer Garden. For each hour that a volunteer works in the Beer Garden, $15 will be donated to a local nonprofit group or organization of the volunteer’s choice. (Just a note to the Relay for Life teams, this is a great way to get a start on next year.) If you are interested, applications can be picked up at the Swiss Wine Festival office. If you are selected to help based on the times that you are available, you will be contacted to verify work schedules. Deadline for applications to be turned in is August 5th.

If you have any questions regarding Volunteering for the festival or Beer Garden, feel free to contact Suzanne Rayls at 427-9463 or Sheri Deaton at 427-3480.

For more details about information, feel free to contact Sheri Deaton at 427-3480.

Sheri Deaton

Swiss Wine Festival Committee