Letters to the Editor week of 6-24-10


Local “con” tractor

To the Editor:

Locally there are many honest, competent contractors, however, in last week’s paper it was reported that a local contractor was more “con” than “tractor.” It seems many local people were taken advantage of with little or no recourse for their loss. There is a misconception that hiring a licensed contractor is too expensive, not necessarily so.

By hiring a licensed professional the licensing agency works to protect the consumer from fraud by revoking a license or imposing fines until satisfaction of the concern. The licensing agency also can hire a different contractor to complete the project, to guarantee satisfaction. A licensed professional is also insured to protect the consumer.

When considering your next project please ask local businesses who they recommend for a project, or consider the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor.

You can also go to IN.gov to check the status of the license of the contractor. The license number of the professional is required in all advertising of the service.

Richard Hale


New drug

To the Editor:

Typically when one hears t he term “spice,” one would think of a seasoning that gives a bit more flavor to food. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong! Nowadays, currently, the term “spice” – as well as other terms – is being used as a name for a drug. “Spice” is a drug that is legal in the State of Indiana and is very easy for our children to obtain. Furthermore, this legal drug has made its way to our county and is increasing in popularity.

There were articles in the Indianapolis Star dated April 22nd and 27th, 2010. Also, there a re websites available, to read and learn more about the legal drug, “spice.” The websites are: www.indystr.com and www.jg.net/apps/pbcs.dll/article.

The following is a brief description of the drug and its effects. “Spice” is an herb that is laced with a synthetic chemical; which makes it more powerful than marijuana (Ryckaret, 2010). The effects caused by this drug are: hallucinations, increase of heart rate, high blood pressure, tremors, vomiting, seizures, etc. Well, that is something I want to do and have my children do every day – all day, not.

Yes, my friends, neighbors, and county members I am outraged and disgusted. Why is it that people find it funny and necessary to give drugs to our children? Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question; however, as a parent and an advocate, I will use my resources and knowledge to the best of my abilities to ban this legal drug.

Therefore, as SCAT Coordinator (Switzerland County Awareness Team), I encourage all adults, parents, and children to contact our state representatives at the United States House of Representatives, 111th Congress, 2nd Session, Washington, DC 20515; in hope of having this legal drug banned in the State of Indiana. I hope others feel strongly about the drug issues in our county as I do. We care about our children and our state.

Thank you for your help and concern.

Jessica Mullins

SCAT Coordinator

Switzerland County Awareness Team