Letters to the Editor week of 6-19-08


Fantastic job

To the Editor:

I am writing to both express great appreciation for and raise community awareness of the fantastic job being done by Terry Scudder and Keli Hall at the Switzerland County Animal Shelter. Having visited the shelter a couple of times, I have been deeply impressed by their dedication to the animals there.

Some people could say, “Well, they’re just doing what they’re paid to do”. But what the public may not be aware of is how much further Terry and Keli have taken and continue to take our animal shelter. They have taken additional training to make the shelter run more efficiently and more comfortably for their charges. They have actively pursued alternatives to euthanizing animals whenever they can, and are working with rescue groups to send some dogs and puppies to other regions for a better chance of adoption. Many animals owe their lives to Terry and Keli.

Only with great reluctance and as seldom as possible does Terry have animals put down. As the public should be well aware, some animals come to the shelter badly injured or hopelessly sick. Some are simply so wild or mentally unbalanced to be unadoptable in most homes. To condemn such animals to a long life in a cage is far crueler than to euthanize them.

Terry and Keli unquestionably deserve our support for them and the wonderful work they have done for the animals of Switzerland County. Some in our community have donated needed items to the shelter. Others have actively volunteered their time at the shelter, helping care for and socialize the animals. These efforts by caring people are greatly appreciated, as they allow Terry and Keli to help more animals.

There are a couple of huge ways to help Terry and Keli make the shelter even more successful and further keep the euthanasia rate lower. First, spay or neuter your pets to prevent unwanted babies, and to give your pets longer, better lives. Swiss Friends of Animals has a very active spay/neuter assistance program and is always standing by to financially help those who need it with the cost of these procedures. Secondly, please put identification tags on your animals, even house pets. Whenever a lost pet comes to Terry, identification tags with a phone number makes reuniting pets with owners a far quicker and less traumatic procedure for the animals.

Terry and Keli have gone far above and beyond in their efforts to help the animals of Switzerland County. Their hearts are obviously in their work. We should all be proud of their hard work and dedication to our community’s animals and support their efforts by doing our part as caring, responsible pet owners.

Traci Weber

Popcorn Ridge

Great tribute

To the Editor:

I read the article about Linda Bennitt and I have to say I thought it was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever read.

It’s good to know that even though sometimes we think the police aren’t trying, they are, and their determination and commitment shows us that they do care and won’t give up until justice is served.

It was a great story. The writer should be commended for a great tribute to Linda and her family.

Julia Miller

Near Winchester, Kentucky

(formerly of Switzerland County)

Wonderful newspaper

Dear Editor:

Enclosed is my check for renewing my subscription for another year of the wonderful Vevay Reveille. I enjoy it every week and want it to continue to arrive faithfully.

I love to read the whole paper but the columns, Reflections of the Past and the various neighborhoods are my favorite. I have lived away from Switzerland County for many years but each week I enjoy reading about activities of friends and relatives.

It is a great newspaper and I love it.

Wayne Turner

San Diego, California

Positive decision

To the Editor:

As many of your readers may have read in the June 12th edition of the Vevay Newspapers, our local tourism committee had approached the Vevay Town Council for a donation of $ 130,000 to help support Phase II of their Vision Project.

As members of the Vevay Town Council, we were presented at two different meetings the status of Phase I of this project and the goals and ideas of Phase II. I also had the opportunity to sit down individually on two different occasions with representatives of the tourism board to discuss this project in greater detail.

I will be the first to admit that the progress that has been made in the downtown area has been wonderful and I applaud the efforts of local individuals who brought those ideas from the beginning of Phase I to the reality of what is visible today.

However, I also feel there are projects and issues that can be addressed with town resources that could also be beneficial to the residents throughout this community. As many residents know, the hillside to the south of the Vevay water tower has been eroding and sliding causing great concern in the stability of the tower that supplies water to residents throughout this community. Although initial tests show no signs of t he tower moving, the foundation just south of the tower continues to slide with each rain shower that we receive. There is currently an agency that is scheduled to begin working on this issue and there is hope to provide some stability to this ongoing problem.

Although recent rain showers are showing no significant effects on the water tower foundation issue, there are immediate concerns related to drainage and flooding that need to be addressed within the streets of Vevay. Numerous residents saw first hand the effects of poor or inoperable drains that are scattered throughout the town. Although the $130,000 amount may not fix all drainage issues in this town, it would help to address some locations that need our immediate attention.

The Town of Vevay is over five years into a water/sewage project with residents of the Firth Addition. There have been thousands of dollars already invested into this project and there has not been the first piece of ground broken at this time. As this project nears the final stages the town will be applying a large portion of our resources to complete this project.

There are numerous other situations that I presented to those in attendance at the meeting on June 11th and I would be happy to speak directly to anyone who would like to listen to my ideas. I can be reached at home at 812-427-3816 or via email at: vevaytowncouncil@yahoo.com. I am very appreciative of the support that I have received from many residents who favor my decision. I am also very respectful of those residents who were present at the meeting who may not have agreed with my opinion, but were at least professional enough to understand my views.

Last Fall I campaigned throughout this town knocking on doors and speaking to local citizens who make up this great community. In those conversations, I vowed to make sound business decisions that would be beneficial for each and every one that I represent. Last Wednesday night I feel that I kept that vow and will continue to do so throughout my term.

Tye Sullivan

Vevay Town Council Member

Girls soccer

To the Editor:

The first weekend of June the LadyScots girls’ soccer team from Switzerland County traveled to Glasgow, Kentucky, to participate in The Keltic Classic Soccer Tournament. Our team was registered in an all girls team pool. To our surprise when we arrived for our first game, due to an administrative error by the tourney director, we were put in a co-ed pool, which apparently means one girl on field and the rest boys.

The girls never complained and went out and played as we expected them to. What a pleasant surprise as we finished the tourney with four wins and one loss for a third place finish. Keep in mind that “our girls” were playing Select teams from Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

I, our coaching staff and parents who made the trek, could not have been prouder than if we had won the whole tournament. Our team was pretty much adopted by the other teams in our pool due to us being the only all girls team in the tournament. Everyone, except our opponent at the time, was rooting and cheering for The LadyScots. It was truly an unforgettable experience and one the girls will never forget.

I would like to thank our girls for not only their play on the field but their sportsmanship and behavior off the field. What a true group of great young ladies you have turned out to be. Thanks: Mackenzie Anderson, Erika Coy, Lauren Haskell, Nicole Leap, Morgan Kimmel, Kacie Kimmel, Mercedes Parham, Bre Ricketts, “Lil” Bre Meli, “Mo” Macfarland and Emily White. I would like to thank our parents, Cindy Anderson, Roy and Julie Leap, Greg and Barb Coy, Cindy Haskell, Dawn Ossman, Shannon White and her parents, Bob and Sunny, and Pam Ricketts for their dedication to our girls. I also would like to thank our coaches, Megan Stepp and Roy Leap. Great job all and thanks for a great weekend.

Tully Anderson