Letters to the Editor week of 6-18-09


Great support

To the Editor:

I recently, on May 1st to be exact, had a major seizure at Newport on the Levy. I fell onto a concrete floor and broke all the bones on the left side of my face. Also, I lost three front teeth. I guess it was an eye opener, as I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I want to say thank you dearly to my family and friends, and all who have supported me and been by my side throughout this ordeal. I still have two surgeries until I am on the road to recovery. It has been a very painful experience, but it also makes you fully aware of what you have to live for.

Special thanks to my mother who spent every day by my side, my daughter who witnessed the event and has been my rock and my watchful eye daily, my son who was also there and reminds me every day that God has my back, my sister who always has words of encouragement, the rest of my family and friends, whose cards, calls, visits to U.C., and flowers made my days so much brighter. I am very lucky to have true friends and people who really love me and will be there through thick and thin. You all know who you are

I know now that no matter how bad you have it, someone out there is always worse off. I give the most of my thanks to God that I am here today. I will heal, be positive and as with all other despair, life does go on. I believe in second chances, and you should too.

In all my sincerity, from the heart. I am forever grateful.

Pam Christman


VHS Alumni

To the Editor:

To Vevay High School Alumni, we extend a special invitation to each of you for the 2009 Vevay High School Alumni Annual Luncheon that will be held on Saturday, August 29th, following the parade at approximately 11 a.m. at the Switzerland County High School Cafeteria.

The program will allow time for sharing and reminiscing. Please come and join us, we assure you that it is a great chance to renew old friendships and stay in touch. We hope to see everyone again this year and appreciate your past support, keeping the alumni alive. We have lost many of our faithful alumni this past year, so we need every alumni, those who have not been coming regularly, to step up, help us keep our heritage alive. I promise you a good meal and a good time of fellowship. There is no charge if you are not interested in the luncheon. Come ahead and have a great time meeting with old friends.

Our “Saving of Our Heritage,” is still receiving high school and grade school pictures, and “memorabilia” regularly. You will be able to see the progress we have made by what we have on display in the halls of the high school. If you have anything you would like to have displayed bring it. If it is something that can be copied we can do that and send the original back to you. Come and join with us in saving our past, enjoying the present, and preserving the future of Vevay High School.

Thank you.

Bill Roberts

Alumni President

VHS Class of 1954


Dear Editor:

You know as children grow up in our community, graduate from high school, go off to college, marry, etc., it’s always good to see one of “our own” do well in life. We all feel like we have an investment in the lives of these kids. Well, one of “our own” will be coming back to Vevay on June 26th.

Jim Hill, son of Bill and Jackie Hill and the late Ginny Hill, grandson of Jim Hunter of Indianapolis and Vevay, graduated from Switzerland County High School, majored in music in college, married a local girl, Erin Redmon, then moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he taught music in the school system there.

Jim has become associated with another music major, Michael Ronstadt, a very gifted man of a well-known musical family, and Michael has formed a group, “Gypsum Ensemble” who travel, performing concerts around the country, of which Jim Hill is a part. On June 26th at 7 p.m. at Vevay Assembly Church (see ad in this week’s and next week’s paper), we will have the opportunity to experience this music and to renew our friendship with Jim (still Jimmy to many of us).

If you were a teacher, a friend, etc., of Jim Hill and/or Erin Redmon, or if you just enjoy fine music, please be there that evening. Naturally, you don’t have anything at a church unless refreshments are to follow, so please come enjoy the music and the fellowship on the 26th.

Carolyn Miller