Letters to the Editor week of 5-8-08


Old photos

Dear Editor:

I certainly appreciate the people who have been going through their old photos in response to my earlier letter about displaying old Switzerland County one-room schoolhouse photos on the walls in the Switzerland County Courthouse.

We have received some very interesting ones, but still need a lot more of them. Does anyone have a picture of the old Moorefield Academy? We would like to have photos from every part of the county, so please continue to look through your old photos, and just send them to the Auditor’s or the Recorder’s office, 212 West Main Street, so that we may copy them and return them to you.

We will be happy to share our copies with the Museum, so this should benefit the county for years to come. Thanks so much for your help.

Carolyn Miller

Auditor’s Office


Clean up needed

Dear Editor:

I read the article about Spring clean up with great interest and looked forward to the area across from the fairgrounds getting cleaned, with no results. This has been an ongoing issue with trash collecting along the road.

Throughout the year local and out-of-town people come to the fairgrounds. First impressions count and t his has been long overlooked. Now that it has come up, I hope to see the area spruced up.

Cheryl Burress