Letters to the Editor week of 5/31/07


To the community

To the Editor:

On Monday, May 21st, the Board of Trustees terminated Ann Geyman’s employment as treasurer for the Switzerland County School Corporation. Mrs. Geyman is accused of misappropriating corporation dollars for her own personal use. As we move forward there are a number of issues yet to be resolved and questions that our school and community has regarding the misappropriations of school funds. This letter will address many of your concerns.

First, the school corporation is not broke. Bills are paid and up to date. Teachers are still going to teach. Current school programs are going to continue. Extra-curricular events will occur. Your child will not be affected educationally from this unfortunate event. The education of your children will continue uninterrupted in the months ahead.

Second, we are working with the State Board of Accounts on this issue. We will seek the appropriate legal remedies against Mrs. Geyman. On Thursday, May 17th, 2007, the Jefferson County Circuit Court awarded an injunction in favor of the school corporation against certain assets of Mrs. Geyman. We will aggressively pursue the return of misappropriated funds.

Third, the school corporation does not have the power to arrest Mrs. Geyman. When the audit is complete all appropriate legal action for recovery of misappropriated funds will occur. A copy of the audit will be submitted to the state police, local prosecutor and attorney general. At some point those individuals and agencies will make a determination on prosecuting Mrs. Geyman based upon the evidence presented.

Finally, I know many people are asking “how could the superintendent not know?” From a technical sense I believe that question will be greatly answered in the audit which is currently underway by the State Board of Accounts. From a practical standpoint I ask myself that question multiple times a day. I do not have an answer but I take responsibility for not knowing and can only assure, at this point, the school corporation, including the board of trustees and I, will continue to work every day on bringing those misappropriated funds back to the children and taxpayers of Switzerland County. We are working with a consultant, the State Board of Accounts, and the school board to review our internal controls and improve those internal controls where needed.

If you have further questions I can be contacted at 427-2611 or via email at tcaddell@switzerland.k12.in.us.

Tracy Caddell, Superintendent,

Switzerland County School Corporation