Letters to the Editor week of 5-22-08


Hall’s Branch School

To the Editor:

Referring to the Switzerland County Scrapbook picture of Halls Branch School, the picture includes my uncle (Abbie Leap) and father (Leon Leap). I currently live less that a half mile from where they grew up, and I am trying to figure out where the school was. Any help (phone number or address) in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Randy Leap

307 Parks Ridge Road

Vevay, IN 47043


Camp Livingston

To the Editor:

The “Brazilian Beauties” want to say a special thank you to everyone who made our trip to Camp Livingston a blast. Thanks to all the teachers, volunteers and the Clarks. Through the rain and wind we still had the time of our lives. It was a great experience to be a round our friends and get to know some w e might not have really had a chance to. From playing in the mud to the dance we will hold special memories always. So, thank you again everyone. We hope the future classes have as much fun as we did. Go “Camp Livingston.”

Thank you.

“Cabin Brazil”: Crystal, Tammy, Kayla, Bre

Lil Bri, Lauren, Vicky, Cayli, Erika


National EMS week

To the Editor:

National EMS week is May 18th-24th. We at Switzerland County EMS are proud to serve the people of Switzerland County and would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for us to serve you. We would like to thank: Switzerland County Council, Switzerland County Commissioners, Switzerland County Communications, Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department, Vevay Police, Indiana State Police, Department of Natural Resources, Vevay-Switzerland County Foundation, Community Foundation of Switzerland County, United Fund of Switzerland County, York Township Trustee, Cotton Township Trustee, Craig Township Trustee, the fire departments, and all the folks that have made contributions to us.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from a lot of people to keep the ambulances showing up at your door when you call 911. It all starts when someone calls 911 – a family member, a bystander or someone who has witnessed an illness or accident. Then the dispatcher pages out appropriate responders while keeping the caller calm and/or giving them life saving instructions on the phone while the phones continue to ring and he/she continues talking on the radios to all the other folks that need communications. Then we have to get the appropriate responders safely to the scene. First responders, fire departments, EMS staff, law enforcement sometimes are all on the scene. It can really get chaotic at times, but we try to keep it as calm as possible for the patient’s sake. All the responders work very well together with only the patient’s best interest in mind. Next, we safely transport the patient to the closest appropriate hospital where they can start receiving definitive care.

To keep things running smoothly, the behind the scene work is amazing. That is the part the community does not see. Our EMTs and paramedics are constantly training on new procedures and equipment. We also have to perform daily checks on all the supplies and equipment on the ambulances to make sure everything works properly. The administrative duties are tremendous, having to deal with payroll and employee issues, day-to-day operations, obtaining and maintaining state and federal certifications, and permits. It takes teamwork and everyone we have is a great team player.

We would like to thank the following folks for making Switzerland County EMS work 24/7: Dr. Dennis Canard, Medical Director; Lewis Fritter, SCEMS Board President; Roger Nay, Vice President; George Adams, EMT-A PI, Secretary/Treasurer; Steve Crabtree, Switzerland County Council Representative; Rich Lay, Switzerland County Communications Representative and Driver; Pat Lanman, Chaplain; Jill Hutherson, Lay Representative; Jeff Darling, EMT-A Supervisor and Fire Chief Representative; Randy See, EMT-A and Director; Jon Guess, EMT-P and Chief Paramedic; Joe Michna EMT-P Supervisor; Laurice See, Office Manager; Renda Mills EMT-P and Run Sheet Specialist, Nadine Swift, EMT-P; Chris See, EMT-A and Training Coordinator; Jerrad Ayres, EMT-A; Paul Furnish, EMT; Rick Motsinger, EMT; Mike Bird, EMT-P; Ben Fee, EMT-A; Tammy Guess, EMT-P; Shannon Mount EMT-P-PI and instructor; Terri Grove, EMT; Stephanie Stewart, EMT-A; Joe Ramsay, EMT-A and paramedic student; Andy Brookbank, EMT; Scott Stevens, EMT; Troy Nicholson, EMT-P; Mike Krall, EMT-A-PI; Billy Davidson, EMT-A; Scott McFelea, EMT-P; Becky Wright, EMT-P; Matt Creed, EMT-P; Mike Hutchins, EMT-P; Barb Miller, EMT; Connie Adams, EMT-A; Jeff Priest, EMT; Mickey Ray, FR/Driver; Denny Clements, FR/Driver; Will Hutchinson, FR/Driver; Danielle Hutchinson, FR/Driver; Kyle Purvis, Driver; Mark Driver, FR/Driver; Dennis Cole, FR/Driver; Katrina Lock, FR/Driver, Tom Scott, FR/Driver; KC Banta, FR/Driver; Barb Banta, FR/Driver; and Glenn Scott, EMT.

We also have a class of 20 EMT students all from Switzerland County scheduled to complete the course in September 2008.

Switzerland County EMS

Randy See, Director