Letters to the Editor week of 5-20-10


Notch victims

To the Editor:

Americans born from 1917 to 1926 have been receiving Social Security benefits that are lower by approximately $110 per month.

A bill entitled, “The Notch Fairness Acts” was introduced into the Senate and as of this date has not been passed.

For the past seven (7) years, I have contacted senators and received the same identical letter seven years apart stating that they were working on getting it passed. In addition, I also contacted news persons and other government officials without any results.

I received a letter from the White House stating that “notch victims” are receiving a fair share of benefits which is hard to believe since the letter did not have the dates of birth correct.

If you or any one in your family or friends are in the “Notch Victim Era 19127-1926,” please contact your senator and representative.

For more information: www.socialsecurity.gov/history/notchbase.html.

While some of the “notch victims” are still alive, it would be nice if they could benefit from a settlement.

Bill Wiseman

Near Vevay

Theater visitors

The Historic Hoosier Theater was honored to host many visitors from all over the U.S.A. including Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, and even a visit from Japan native Kazuhi Uesugi and Vancouver, British Columbia native Amanda Prothero at the concert performed by “Friends With You Band” in their “Tribute to John Denver” this past Friday evening.

The theater was jam-packed with loyal fans of John Denver music and were rewarded with an absolutely memorable, superb performance by this group of professional musicians who gave an outstanding concert and received a standing ovation at the end which produced some more great music during the encore.

The board of directors is extremely grateful to Mark and Sharon Cormican who were responsible for bringing this group to the theater.

We look forward to a repeat performance next year and if you were unable to attend this year, don’t miss it next year.

Stasia Wiseman

Near Vevay