Letters to the Editor week of 5-15-08


Gas prices

To the Editor:

I know everyone is well aware of the gas prices these days, but are you aware that as of this past Saturday, Vevay’s gas at $3.85 a gallon is 16 to 20 cents a gallon higher than the national average?

Why is it that our gas in this county is always higher than the surrounding counties? I know their is nothing we can do about it but complain. You have to buy gas to go to work, if you don’t go, you’re fired.

The oil companies have us where they want us and our elected politicians in Washington haven’t, nor will they, do anything about it. It isn’t hurting them, and until it does, nothing will ever be done. I am still wondering why Switzerland County’s gas is always higher than surrounding counties – don’t you?

Paula Cloat

Near Moorefield