Letters to the Editor week of 5-13-10


Zoning laws

To the Editor:

This is my final letter before the Planning Commission meets next Wednesday to consider the repeal of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, which as of now is still alive, if not as healthy without the enforcing codes and ordinances.  Last week the Planning Commission submitted the required public notice to discuss and vote on the 2008 Comprehensive Plan.

Most of you should by now be well aware of what that plan contains. I have highlighted only a few of the parts of it that personally outraged me, and from the past high turnout of people at Planning Commission meetings the last few months, others as well.

I firmly believe that it has been that overwhelming public attendance at those meetings, who have well represented Switzerland County’s diverse population makeup, and our determined refusal to give up resisting this terrible plan that has kept it from already stealthily being put into effect.

So now we face the biggest hurdle, the Planning Commission’s vote to repeal the 2008 Plan next week. If the vote is to repeal, it then goes to the county Commission’s next meeting for their final vote. The county commissioners have indicated at past meetings that they are heartily tired of the controversy and will vote it down. 

My concern is with the Planning Commission, who did not vote unanimously to repeal Titles IV and V, the enforcement codes and ordinances. Will they now represent our interests and wishes?  Another strong public turnout of concerned Switzerland County residents would leave the commission in no doubt of our continued interest and involvement.

We will not have our protests ignored until we give up and allow them to proceed with their own agenda. Not this time. There is too much at stake for the people of Switzerland County to lose by the passage of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan. 

The Planning Commission’s next meeting is next Wednesday, May 19th, at 6 p.m. in the Courthouse. Any and all of you who can attend should be there to witness this vote. 

                                                           Traci Weber

                                                         Switzerland County Resident