Letters to the Editor week of 4-7-11


Just a thought

To the Editor:

I am a concerned citizen who worries about our future here in America with today’s economy. I pray for our country and for the families and individuals who are having a hard time finding a job, feeding their families, and/or keeping their home. I know I am not a politician and I know that I am not political material, but I do have some thoughts on how the politicians may be able to help today’s economic situation.

I recently had a conversation with a representative of the state concerning the unemployment extensions; this representative did not agree with the extensions and felt that the companies cannot take anymore higher taxes. I do understand that the companies cannot afford higher taxes, but what about the people who cannot find a job?  If the extensions are not there for them, how are they to buy food for their families, make their house payment, buy gas to look for a job, pay property taxes on their homes, etc?

I have thought for several years now, that unless you are dirt poor, dishonest, or extremely rich you cannot make it in this country. Do not get me wrong, I am proud to be an American, but I feel the working class of America gets dumped on, the working class and the retired working class are the ones that fill the tax increases.

Here’s just a thought, what if, the politicians take a 10 percent pay cut and put a freeze on all government pay increases, I am talking nationwide, including the president’s salary. Also, what if the nation gives all companies a tax break for bringing their work back into the United States, and charge a large tax for sending their work out of the country?  Maybe they should stop trying to take away working class bargaining rights and work on something that would create jobs, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about unemployment extensions.

Mary Martin

Markland Pike

Cover story

To the Editor:

This week I received my 2011 edition of the SEI Communications phone book. Wow is about the only word that describes how I felt.

In this day and age of idolizing rock stars, movie stars, and multi-millionaires no matter how sordid the details of their accomplishments may be. When atheists, and seemingly all anti-Christian espousing movements grab the local and national headlines and are pushed to the forefront in television and paper media advertising. When being a God fearing Christian, and following the religious principles that our great nation was founded upon are considered politically incorrect. This choice of this cover by this company is truly refreshing.

I can only say that I truly wish that other people in positions to make decisions in advertising for their companies would follow the lead that SEI Communications has started.

I think that we all should give SEI a call and thank them for a job well done.

For taking such a bold, heartwarming, and exciting stand, I personally thank you and wish for God’s great blessings on you personally and corporately.

Jim Wingate

Elder and CLP

Caledonia Presbyterian Church