Letters to the Editor week of 4-30-09


Town police

To the Editor:

I was recently extremely upset to hear about the resignation of our Police Chief Brian Morton and am very glad that he decided to stay. My idea of a good Police Chief is someone who cares and can be available any hour of the day or night. I had an issue recently in which I attempted multiple times to get it resolved without success. After talking with Chief Morton it was resolved that day. I sure hate to think of losing this asset to our community and am glad he’s sticking around.

Also, I disagree with the town board laying off an officer due to monetary issues. This has placed an extra workload on the remaining officers. I fail to understand how we can’t afford to have a sufficiently staffed police force when the town receives casino funds. Why are these funds not being used for priorities such as our safety and our officers’ safety, I would like to know. Our fine town is improving in appearance which is nice but if our police force is not there to protect and preserve it I’m not sure how long it will stay that way. The town in the last few months agreed to spend over $40,000 of boat funds for vacant property at the riverfront park along with over $ 260,000 of boat funds for plans to beautify downtown. I think it’s great to fix things up but it doesn’t seem like that should take priority over an officer’s position. The town has increased in population and a lot more traffic flows through town because of the boat, so why not pay for an officer’s salary with some of these funds? Our county and other boat counties and towns pay for a few extra officers’ salaries with these funds so why aren’t we?

Almost every day we hear of police officers being killed or injured in the line of duty, and yes even in small towns like Vevay. With only one officer on duty the chance of something happening increases. What happens if there is an incident in which there are multiple people fighting and one officer isn’t sufficient? That officer needs immediate backup available. Also if two calls come in at the same time or minutes apart should the officer be put in the position to choose priority? I say no but I’m sure with only one officer on at a time it does happen. I feel for the safety of the public and the safety of the officer there should be two officers on all the time. Crime has increased over the years yet we haven’t added any officers in the last few years, we lay one off. If the board says there isn’t enough money to pay for the extra officer then maybe they need to look at something else to do away with to free up the money, I’d say an officer’s salary would be a small amount compared to the amounts being spent on other projects.

Penny Christman


Cleanup thanks

To the Editor:

I wanted to write and say thank you and to tell those who participated in cleaning up along Fairview Road last week how much I appreciated it.

Because of your hard work and dedication, the area really looks great. Those of us who live in that area really appreciate that you took your time to come and work to beautify the area.


Charlie Haskell,

near Fairview